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    Hello, friends, my name is Ranmaru :)

    Cool avatar!
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    100 Subs by the end of July??

    Thanks Nekio ^^
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    100 Subs by the end of July??

    I'm going to post weekly updates on this to keep myself accountable. I am currently at 45 subs almost a week later. I need 9 subs a week to hit my goal. So I need 4 more to hit my weekly goal. I know that gaining subs isn't everything and focusing on content is key, but I believe I need to...
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    Reached 200 Subs!

    That is great to hear! Seems like I gain a few with every upload I do as well! For sure one of the key attributes to gaining more subs!
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    100 Subs by the end of July??

    So I want to try to achieve 100 subs by the end of July. that gives me a month and a half. What do you guys think about this? Is this aiming to high? Easily accomplished? I have gained nearly 30 subscribers in a months time recently. Seems like I have been getting around 10-15 per "Castroided"...
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    Reached 200 Subs!

    Congrats on the achievement. Keep aiming higher!
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    Next Lets Play? Need Some Pointers!

    Find your audience. Just because not as many people like MLB as opposed to UFC doesn't mean you can't be successful with it. I can guarantee there are people out there searching for MLB vids.
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    Youtube show idea.. what do you think?

    It depends, that is a lot of games. Your reviews I think would have to be really informative and I would even say do them 30-45 sec. in a fun fast paced way. Lots of work, but you could do it if its done right ^^
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    Daily Upload for Sunday 14th June 2015

    Looks interesting, I'll check it out! Thanks for sharing!
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    Daily Upload for Sunday 14th June 2015

    Oh man, Aladdin for the Genesis is GREAT!
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    A Damnlag Tournament for everyone!

    ULTRA SF 4!!!
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    Daily Upload for Thursday 11th June 2015

    fans of Spooky's House of Jumpscares check out my latest episode of Castroided just updated! I chat with the creator Akuma Kira!
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    50 Subscriber Q&A!

    What's your next goal, and what will be done once it's achieved?
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    Whoa random, I like it!
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    Nice homie!

    Nice homie!
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    200 Subs! ^^ *FREE CAKE*

    Congrats on your 200! That is a big step for real ^^
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    200 Subs! ^^ *FREE CAKE*

    Oh man I'm with you! I'd be super stoked once I hit 50 haha
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    Hey Guys :D

    Hi welcome! I new here too but seems like an awesome community ^^
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    Where are you from?

    You got the right idea going in! Bring a smile to others ^^ Everyone has something good to give back and share! Best of luck to you on your new adventure!
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    Hello everyone! A new gamer youtuber here. :)

    Yeah post production takes most of my time for sure! 2 a week wow! Good on ya! I'm shooting for 1 and struggling but will make it work ^^