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    Channel Name: Marexel Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 3 days ago Partnered?: No Amount of Videos on Channel: 2 Total Subscribers: 0 Amount of Total Views on Channel: just my own Channel Description:Call of Duty, Steam Games, Indie Games, WHATEVER IS SUGGESTED
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    Hey Everyone!

    Perhaps maybe sit back from your computer(desktop or laptop?) and also turn your mic down because the mic part should be right next to your mouth. What keyboard do you have?
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    Favorite youtubers?

    Northernlion and SeaNanners & GassyMexican.
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    Who's your favorite youtube gamer?

    Northernlion is God reincarnated into a middle aged bald Canadian. I love him.
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    Hey Everyone!

    Hey Zach! I checked out your channel and just have one suggestion for your minecraft gameplays - If you are recording with the laptop mic, I would spend the money to get a better mic. We can hear the keyboard clicks :-) Otherwise, very nice channel so far and I wish you the best of luck.
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    Youtube Communitys

    I wish their were more. If most of us got together and made content, we'd all satisfy the needs we want. It should happen! (winky face)
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    BO2 xbox 360

    Yeah that'd be cool, message me on xbox @ Nova oriion or on Youtube at MarexelYT
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    I need a few people to play prophunt/ttt etc. with. Message me if interested!
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    Garrys mod and Minecraft

    I'm interested!!!
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    Best microphone for £60 or under?

    Turtle beaches work well!
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    Hi guys It's Marexel here! I'm 18 years old and I'm from America. My name is Austin and I'm trying really hard to make something of myself in the YouTube community. I'm not in it for the money, I'm in it for the people and the environment that surrounds it and if it becomes a career, then so be...