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  1. CSJ293

    Best screen recorder for PC games?

    Just wanted to know peoples views on good Screen capture programs? as currently I used the Ice Cream one and well for some reason it records well just doesn't allow me to edit the vids which is weird. Thanks all
  2. CSJ293

    Looking for collab!

    Hi all I'm looking for anyone really who wants to have fun making random vids whether PC or PS4 games (sorry Xbox people) I mainly play Rocket League on PS4 and various others, on the PC I got Garry's Mod, Paladins, and a couple of others but willing to play various other games too!
  3. CSJ293

    PS4 Looking for collab!

    Game: Any from horror to fun! Got Steam so got Garry's Mod, PS4 got Rocket League and many more! name it i'll see if I have it! PSN is CSJ293 Platform: PC or PS4 Number of People: 2 to however many we can get xD Timezone: UK (GMT) Age: 25 Mission: To grow with everyone and meet new people making...
  4. CSJ293

    Monkey Football!!

    Hey guys! Yes for all those that don't know there is a monkey football game and it is awesome!! It's on Ape Escape 2 a minigame and by far one of the funniest I've ever played!
  5. CSJ293

    Final Fantasy 15 Lets play!

    A lil insight to Final Fantasy 15, hope you all can give me feedback on how I can improve and yeah all appreciated! :D
  6. CSJ293

    Hello fellow Youtubers!!

    Hi all I'm Jamie aka CSJ293Gaming, I'm a small channel mainly focusing on gaming and really just having fun! Whether it's scary games to RPG to sports.. and game ill be willing to play! I'm 25 got 35 subs atm aiming to become big and rise up there as well as meet loads of amazing people along...