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  1. SadeGames

    Please read me

    Welcome to the ranks man
  2. SadeGames

    Trying to build a channel base

    Welcome man, good to have you
  3. SadeGames


    Channel Name:SadeGames Channel Link: Partnered (Yes or No, if yes with who?):Nope Date Channel Started:July 1 2013 Amount of Videos:53 Amount of Total Views to-date:7,246 Channel Description:http-~~-//
  4. SadeGames

    Caslte Crashers, Barbarian boss
  5. SadeGames

    Hearthstone, first game, first victory!

    Yea it's a great game! I got another recorded, which I will be putting up at some point, after that I might make some tutorials for the game to show people how to play :D
  6. SadeGames

    Hearthstone, first game, first victory!

    A good idea for the future :D I didn't commentate on this one because I also didn't know what was going on xD
  7. SadeGames

    6,000+ views!

    I want 6k subs next
  8. SadeGames

    6,000+ views!

    Finally reached 6k views, and still rising :D
  9. SadeGames

    Hearthstone, first game, first victory!
  10. SadeGames

    Just passed 100 subs!

    Fantastic! Well done
  11. SadeGames

    Which Capture card should I use?

    AverMedia Game Capture HD!!!!! YOU WONT REGRET IT! :D Haha, bit late now, gone and got myself an elgato :P
  12. SadeGames

    Hi, MissLily here. :3

    Welcome to YTG, you'll definately get helped here, I did a lot
  13. SadeGames

    just hit 100 :D

    Well done man! Double mine :P
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    Sony Vegas trouble

    Sup bro, I use Sony Vegas pro free trials, normally what I tend to do when I use the free trials is go down the line pretty much. So I started with 11 and move down to 10 and so on. Although i've not come across the problem you've experienced. Maybe try downloading the next in line of trials and...
  15. SadeGames

    Sony Vegas trouble

    Sup guys, I got Sony Vegas a while back, but found out i was only on the free trial, so I have downloaded it again, but this time when i render my videos it gets saved with Adobe and nothing can open the file, it's just a blank white page. Is there any way I can stop this happening?
  16. SadeGames

    New channel

    Welcome to YTG man
  17. SadeGames

    Proud to be a Gamer!

    I am happy to announce that so far, the gaming livestream event 'The Siege' has raised over 6.3million for a charity known as SaveTheChildren! The gaming community has come together and donated to Gaming For, it all goes to a great cause. Blizzard themselves have even got involved...
  18. SadeGames

    Come on 50 Subs!

    Damn.. think I was already subbed :( haha, thanks anyway
  19. SadeGames

    Come on 50 Subs!

    I am 1 away from 50 subs, who wants to be my 50th? :P
  20. SadeGames

    How to say "no" to doing collab?

    And also gives them ammo to make you look like a greedy asshole. Just be straight forward with them and say you're not interested and thank them for asking. Lol it was a joke