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  1. auberweir

    100 Subs by the end of July??

    So I want to try to achieve 100 subs by the end of July. that gives me a month and a half. What do you guys think about this? Is this aiming to high? Easily accomplished? I have gained nearly 30 subscribers in a months time recently. Seems like I have been getting around 10-15 per "Castroided"...
  2. auberweir

    Taking youtube and online content more seriously. I am a musician/artist with a passion for games

    Hey guys I'm new here and wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My channel is Auberweir and I run web series called Castroided that has an alternate look at video games and the video game industry. I also make music and work with other artists that share the same interests. My channel is...