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  1. doodrun14

    Undertale! Or, how evil can a little sunflower be?

    Apparently very, if it wants to eat my soul ._. Undertale, for those that don't know, is an indie RPG made in Game Maker, about a little girl who falls into an underground den of monsters. A lot of them harbor ill intent, but there are some that don't. It's up to the fallen human to either...
  2. doodrun14

    YouTube Dood Fails: Rocket League!

    I'm live right now! Come hang out in chat! :D EDIT: Stream's over. Need food >< I'm gonna post the VoD in a bit if you wanna check that out. In the meantime, this can be deleted, as I see no option for me to do so.
  3. doodrun14

    The road to 420!

    Currently going for 420 subscribers for laughs o-o Not entirely sure what I wanna do when I hit it, because the drug associated with it is illegal in my state >.> Gonna have to find a really trippy game or get crunk o-o Anywho, 115/420. A little over 300 to go o-o Wish me luck!
  4. doodrun14

    Greetings! (It's been a loooong time o-o)

    Hello, everybody! I'm Dood! I think I've already introduced myself once before, but it's been a while o-o Almost a year, maybe. But here I am again ^^ I'm 23, a former youtube pooper (look it up >.> it's hard to explain), and as of almost 1 1/2 years ago a let's player ^^ I've been making...
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    Channel Username: DoodrunDoesThings Channel URL: Channel Start Date: 05/08/2013 Are you partnered? Currently no If Yes, who are you partnered with?: N/A Amount of Videos on Channel: 386 Total Views to-date on Channel: 8777 Channel...
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    Favorite video game song(s)?

    Post your favorites, remixes included.
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    Dood plays Cave Story+!

    A story of some guy who wakes up in a cave with nothing but the clothes on his back, and a save point. Ep.1 The series is complete, but rather than flood the post with 15 videos, here's the playlist...
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    My name is Dood, and I am giving gaming videos a try after watching a lot of other people do so for years. I just started about...2, maybe 3 weeks ago? And I'm still a bit quiet ._. I'm hoping this will fade with time as I press on, but anyway... I currently have a Cave Story+ series up that's...