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    Channel Name:SadeGames Channel Link: Partnered (Yes or No, if yes with who?):Nope Date Channel Started:July 1 2013 Amount of Videos:53 Amount of Total Views to-date:7,246 Channel Description:http-~~-//
  2. SadeGames

    Caslte Crashers, Barbarian boss
  3. SadeGames

    6,000+ views!

    Finally reached 6k views, and still rising :D
  4. SadeGames

    Hearthstone, first game, first victory!
  5. SadeGames

    Sony Vegas trouble

    Sup guys, I got Sony Vegas a while back, but found out i was only on the free trial, so I have downloaded it again, but this time when i render my videos it gets saved with Adobe and nothing can open the file, it's just a blank white page. Is there any way I can stop this happening?
  6. SadeGames

    Proud to be a Gamer!

    I am happy to announce that so far, the gaming livestream event 'The Siege' has raised over 6.3million for a charity known as SaveTheChildren! The gaming community has come together and donated to Gaming For, it all goes to a great cause. Blizzard themselves have even got involved...
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    Come on 50 Subs!

    I am 1 away from 50 subs, who wants to be my 50th? :P
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    Lol, my channel just hit 1337 video views! That's leet :cool:
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    40 subs

    Finally 40 subs! Thanks to all of you that subscribed, and if you haven't then you are missing out on cookies
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    Incredible Minecraft Castle

    My mate Drainpipe on Minecraft made this epic castle on our server, without me even knowing... Until now!
  11. SadeGames


    I finally reached 1,000 video views, now hopefully I can get that many subs :) That would be great
  12. SadeGames

    EPIC Razer Naga Hex unboxing! In this video, I show you the Razer Naga Hex gaming mouse, as well as the installation.
  13. SadeGames

    Minecraft interactive series!

    Hey guys, it's SadeGames again. AwesomestGaming and I are planning on making a series where we build a castle, and leave it up to the viewers to decide how to decorate it. Please leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions about it ^^
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    Gaming for Good

    Okay, so this is not my livestream, but I am a supporter of it. Athene uses all the money from subscriptions from his livestream to save lives with a charity called Save The Children, it's truly inspiring work and I am happy to be a part of it. Please check out his livestream here...
  15. SadeGames

    30 Subscribers!

    Wooo! Finally got 30 subs, thanks to all of you that have subbed, and for those who have not.... You have 5 seconds to comply, and we have your house surrounded. Just kidding! But I would appreciate it if anyone is willing to help me closer to the 50 mark Thanks again - SadeGames
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    What's your greatest Youtube achievment?

    Hey guys, SadeGames again! What is your greatest Youtube achievment? By this i mean have you reached a number of subs that you are proud of? Are your videos getting more views than you could have hoped for? Have you been partnered? Please let me know :) Also If you have any goals such as a...
  17. SadeGames

    Looking to make a collab group

    Me and a youtuber called AwesomestGaming are currently doing collab videos, mainly on minecraft. We have steam and skype and we also play other games on steam, we are looking for more people to join us, the more the merrier!
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    Which intro should i use?
  19. SadeGames

    My new intro

    Hey this is my new intro for youtube, let me know what you think!
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    Which Capture card should I use?

    I have a ps3 and am looking to do high quality videos for my channel. Any recommendations on a certain capture card?