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    REALLY BAD Zed plays! 8 hours editing worth it!

    Also join the League's Last Hope team!
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    Hi, we are League's Last Hope!

    We are a friendgroup of lots of different people that play LoL together. Our channel name is League's Last Hope and we basically make montages of some funny stuff that happens while playing games together! Come join us, we accept literally anyone in our group!
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    EUW/EUNE LoL players wanna collab?

    Im trying to reclute more fun people to our team! Come join League's Last hope!
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    does anyone know why my OBS screen is black?
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    What Streaming Software do you use to live stream?

    what software do you guys use to stream?
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    PC League collab

    Anyone playing LoL in EUW/EUNE wanna collab? (My channel name is "League's last hope" if you wanna know how we are like first)