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  1. CelestialShadows

    Players for Payday 2

    I'm looking for 3 players to play Payday 2 with on Steam. :D It's difficult to level up on my own and with bots as teammates. -.- So anyone around my age is welcomed, just add me on Steam. ;) Age: 20 Players: 3 Game: Payday 2 (Steam) My Steam:
  2. CelestialShadows

    Multiplayer Games

    I'm looking for some people to play fun multiplayer games with. I'm not looking for a collab, but your welcome to record them. :) Most of my friends are busy with school/work so I'm looking to replace them...permanently (not really XD). They're still my friends, but it would be nice to make new...
  3. CelestialShadows

    PC Visual Novel Collaboration

    Game: Any Steam visual novel or Amnesia: Memories (the one I'm currently playing) Platform: PC Number of People: 1-2 (male or female) Timezone: PST (But I can work around any time zone) Age: 19 Mission: I'm looking for one or two other people to play visual novels with since it is difficult to...
  4. CelestialShadows

    Cards Against Humanity Collab

    I'm looking for some people to play Cards Against Humanity with for my channel. For now, there isn't a limit on how many people exactly (if too many want to participate I'll just alternate between groups of 6 or 7). The only requirement is that you have at least played this before. Cards...
  5. CelestialShadows

    Town of Salem Collab

    I'm looking for around 4-5 people to play Town of Salem with either on Steam or on the free web version. I'm 18 so anyone (15-20s) near that age range is fine. :) Please leave a link to your channel and PM me your Skype (to prevent spam). My channel: Celestial Shadows
  6. CelestialShadows

    Hi, I'm Celestial Shadows ;)

    Hi, I'm Celestial Shadows: and I upload a variety of games from mysteries to first person shooters to visual novels. So I don't really have a genre preference when it comes to gaming, as long as it's a fun game I'm willing to give it a try...