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  1. Kylojoe

    Your opinion on my Youtube banner! :D

    Hello Spuntillian, Your YouTube banner looks good, but you can make it more attractive by adding some animation effects.
  2. Kylojoe

    Quick intro. any advice?

    Hello Frost, Welcome to this forum. Nice to meet you. I wish you a great future ahead.
  3. Kylojoe

    Blue Dragon, A Fight In The Air!

    Hello Kabalyero, It's a lovely video of Blue Dragon.
  4. Kylojoe

    Welcome To My Channel!

    Hello Hippo, Awesome video. It's great
  5. Kylojoe

    Mortal Mombat XL kombos

    Awesome fighting video with amazing steps
  6. Kylojoe

    Birdgut - Stomach of a Bird

    Thanks for posting this funny video. Awesome.
  7. Kylojoe

    Where are you from?

    Hello, I am from Scottsdale arizona. I love to read magazines.
  8. Kylojoe

    How did you find out about Damnlag?

    I found damnlag from search engine.