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  1. Wretched

    Started a new my league series nba 2k17

    I have started a new my league series on NBA 2K17 come check out the videos and give me feed back pls
  2. Wretched

    Hey everyone I'm looking to get people together to play some gta tonight

    Hey everybody I'm trying to get a group of people together to play some GTA tonight at about 7:30 PM Pacific standard time everyone is welcome we are on Xbox If you would like to join leave me a message on Xbox at King wretched or you can message me on Twitter at king_wretched
  3. Wretched

    Looking for people to game with

    Hey I'm looking for people to game with and make new friends. PM me on here or on twitter @king_wretched
  4. Wretched

    Xbox One Looking for People to Game and record with

    Game:Any Platform: Xbox One Number of People:Any Timezone: PST Age: 20 Mission: Have fun make friends get good clips along the way Subscribers: Currently 2 Link to Channel:
  5. Wretched

    Feedback and Advice please?

    I'm just starting on Youtube and I'm assuming the first video is the most important. Can anyone look at my video and give me some advice?