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    Now that I have gotten your attention I would like to tell you that I just created a new series on my channel( Called Sleepy Tutorials and my first subject is how to make different types of amusement park rides. Since I just started this...
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    Flying Cannibal Babies With Dragon Breath

    There I hope got your attention with that title. Anyway I need constructive criticism on my newest video. Please do not comment on the microphone I am using, I already now it is just my replacement my old one broke. Here is the video: Here is a link too my channel if you are interested about...
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    I Am Almost There

    I had a tread earlier on here saying my goal was 50 Subscribers and now I am 1 away from my original goal can someone please help me. Who knows you might find something you like there.
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    If You Help Me You Will Get A Cookie (50 Subscribers)

    So Here is my channel: My goal for right now is to get to 50 amazing subscribers then after 100. That should be fun I am also planning to start uploading consistently for my viewers. Come on down to my channel and help me with my goal
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    I Need Constructive Criticism!!!

    I just want to make my videos better for everyone who wants to watch.
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    I'm a Chainsaw wielding little girl. Zon't Get Cut

    Mad Father Gameplay go and watch the others on my channel too
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    Creepy Dolls Like To Giggle Like Japanese School Girls

    Oh and if you liked this then you should checkout my channel I have lots of more things like this on there. Channel:
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    Creepy Dolls Like To Giggle Like Japanese School Girls

    Just my playthrough of a game called Mad Father
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    Fighting Furniture in Evil Dead

    Just your average day in Evil Dead Land where we fight chairs and whatnot
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    Daddy's got a Mini Chainsaw

    I just started a new series on my channel It is a RPG Maker game called Mad Father Enjoy Music is really loud though.
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    150 Subscribers By March

    So I made a goal for my Youtube channel and I was hoping that you guys can help me here is a video to get started
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    Evil Dead GamePlay ( Messin' with the Boomstick )

    Just as it sounds I just play an indie game based on evil dead its pretty fun. Here you go
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    Help Me Reach 50 Subs

    Hey guys my name is Shy and I have a goal that I would like to accomplish. This goal as you can see from the title of the topic it is 50 subscribers I am at 20 as of posting this so please if you have time than check my channel out Channel :
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    I Love Jontron so Ill give your channel a peek also I hope you have fun on YoutubeGaming.
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    Lets Play of Almost Anything
  16. ShyGames

    Lets Play of Almost Anything
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    Lets Play of Almost Anything
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    Lets Play of Almost Anything