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    Whats the best music to use on youtube?

    you know that one that sounds good? that one.
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    Tell me more about Elgato HD 60 Pro!

    /facepalm Google is your friend Already answered threads are your friend
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    Copyright Free Music

    Maybe try one of the aTHREE STICKIES already in this section?
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    At what point should you stream?

    streaming when small is the same as youtubing when small. Do it your best but do it for you don't expect a lot just because you are doing it.
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    Should I backup my videos

    you can re-download from youtube but possibly at a lower quality. if you can afford an external hdd then do it.
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    How good is the elgato for a new gaming channel?

    can you export to a pc to edit?
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    Best screen recorder for PC games?

    Read the other threads there is plenty of info that you are looking for there
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    Thoughts On Buying Youtube Views?

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    How important is the channel name??

    Pretty sure there is thread about this already
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    Cheap microphone for gaming??

    Cheap good not equal good
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    How good is the elgato for a new gaming channel?

    Look at the other threads..
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    YouTubers Face Fines, Possible Eviction For Making Videos From Their Home

    If you think what one youtuber gets up to and this is talking a house full not just one person with one channel.
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    Copyright? But but...

    "Fair use" is bs term people jump to without full understanding it. Link the video people here will help.
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    Frosty Drone Flight

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    Twitch Gang Beasts!!! w/ xsillymarelilyx
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    Frosty Drone Flight

    hey saw you on utub can i gtz a shootoot?
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    Twitch Public gang beasts with friends
  18. DJStitch

    Twitch ARK taming hunt trex n more hopefully!
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    New Youtuber Needing Some Wisdom/Advice

    All your questions have previous been answered in this section and the graphics one