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  1. Sarcosana Gaming

    The first of the serie! Next video will feature kontrol freeks probably! Lemme know how you liked it? =)
  2. Sarcosana Gaming

    THE BEACON [HARD] : Campaign || Titanfall 2

    Let's reach the beacon in Titanfall 2! It's a long mission, but an intense one!
  3. Sarcosana Gaming

    FORT DE VAUX : RSC 1917 COMPILATION || Battlefield 1

    Thumbs if I deserve it =) Feedback is welcome!
  4. Sarcosana Gaming

    HEAR THE DESERT [HARD] : Campaign || Battlefield 1

  5. Sarcosana Gaming

    YOUNG MEN'S WORK [HARD] : Campaign || Battlefield 1

    Feedback is very much appreciated! Do you like the intro clip? Also: do you like the sound of my voice? Maybe a weird question but I would like to know!
  6. Sarcosana Gaming

    EFFECT AND CAUSE [HARD] : Campaign || Titanfall 2

    Without a doubt: This is the BEST mission this game has to offer! I was blown away from everything it had to offer while recording this. Please check it out, you will not regret it!
  7. Sarcosana Gaming

    YouTube FOR HONOR: Berserker mix-up, come 'n chill!!!

    Come 'n chill guys! =D
  8. Sarcosana Gaming

    My best For Honor video so far! Berserker Kill Compilation!

    JUST WOW! My fastest growing vid since my BF1 Dreadnought vid! Might not be much to some, but I am proud! Could you guys give me some feedback on the gameplay and the choice of music?
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    Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (2013) || Part 4: NOBODY LEAVES

    Enjoy this one guys! Make sure to give Irisana some feedback please!
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    Come say hi on this saved stream where I show of (then beta) gameplay of the Berserker in For Honor! Damn this game is good! =D
  11. Sarcosana Gaming

    THE RUNNER [HARD] : Campaign || Battlefield 1

    'The Runner' of the equally named chapter of the BF1 campaign is up! Come say hi guys, hope you'll enjoy!
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    Sarcosana Gaming

    Channel Name: Sarcosana Gaming Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 8th of October Partnered with Network?: nope! Amount of Videos on Channel: 66 Total Subscribers: 220 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 3922 Channel Description: We are Sarco and Irisana and...
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    DOUBLE FACE REVEAL || Battlefield 1

    We had our face reveal peeps! It was very fun. Also the second time I use the PS camera. Enjoy everyone! Leave some feedback, maybe even more! ;)
  14. Sarcosana Gaming

    Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (2013) || Part 1: RAIDING MY FIRST TOMB

    Hi everyone! Sarco here. My girl, Irisana, started her Tomb Raider playthrough! Would you guys mind to go there and give her some luvz? =D
  15. Sarcosana Gaming

    O TUTTI ACCOPPATI [HARD] : Campaign || Battlefield 1

    Come say hi guys! It would surely make my day =D