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  1. Lifeofmine


    Thanks for letting me know! fixing!
  2. Lifeofmine

    Thanks! I'll check yours out too

    Thanks! I'll check yours out too
  3. Lifeofmine


    Title of Thread: Channel Name Channel Name: Lifeofmine6 Channel Link: Channel Start Date: Joined Feb 1, 2011 Partnered with Network?: Not yet ;) Amount of Videos on Channel: 12 Total Subscribers: 76 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 29738 Channel...
  4. Lifeofmine

    Wogawell Gaming

    your mic sounds like it echos. But it's definitely good quality stuff you got here :)
  5. Lifeofmine


    you remind me of ElPresador when he was good! Keep it up
  6. Lifeofmine


    Sick channel awesome content. Keep it up
  7. Lifeofmine

    Zane the gaming cat

    its really unique the way you have the cat instead of yourself, i wish you the best in you cat gaming career
  8. Lifeofmine


    i like that you post frequently! Keep it up!
  9. Lifeofmine


    your channel definitely has huge potential, but you should test your stuff before you go right into recording! keep it up
  10. Lifeofmine


    do you post any of your own gameplay? or is it just the community videos? i was sorta confused. Sick videos though!
  11. Lifeofmine


    Love the meme related cod hitmarkers!
  12. Lifeofmine

    Etharal EGN

    good stuff keep it up
  13. Lifeofmine

    Last Pixel Standing

    dude, your audio is outstanding, what mic are you using? The videos are pretty sweet but 30 mins is a bit to long for me :P Keep it up man and all the best to you
  14. Lifeofmine

    Lightskin Productions

    Dude your content is definitely hype, keep it up man.
  15. Lifeofmine


    Do you only post the game or do you ever have your voice on the content? I subbed and will probably watch your Pokemon glazed Playthrough. Keep it up, its all pretty good quality
  16. Lifeofmine


    Your videos are actually amazing! but you speak very fast so it's a bit hard to keep up. I subbed so, i expect more awesome content
  17. Lifeofmine

    RPG - Rhazes Plays Games

    its awesome that you frequently upload, but you might want to pick a day or two every week and post on those days. Scheduling can attract people and if they know when you post more, they will probably stick around to see it on those days.
  18. Lifeofmine


    your montage there is actually so sick! I think you need to come back and post on a more frequent basis! :D
  19. Lifeofmine


    nice channel man! keep it up!
  20. Lifeofmine

    Plane Guy

    Definitely some good stuff up here :) good quality