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  1. CynicPlacebo

    Remastering Episodes

    So I made a new skin to wrap our podcast episodes in, but I also went back and edited in gameplay footage and reference pictures throughout. The lower left is basically always covered by gameplay, and the lower right has more fleeting photos and videos of topics we're referencing (usually other...
  2. CynicPlacebo

    Chiptune Licks

    I made some chiptune licks with FamiTracker to work as quick video intros. Lemme know which ones you like/hate. I threw them into a compilation video, but couldn't upload it because the file was too big. So I just uploaded it to YT as an unlisted video.
  3. CynicPlacebo

    Quiz App GUI

    Hey guys, I wrote a quiz app to quiz the other 2 guys on my channel (Frosty and Klipper). You buzz in with a xbox controller, so the answers are laid out to reflect the buttons on your controller. It's just in HTML/JS, so I can embed images in either the question or the answers. Here is a...
  4. CynicPlacebo

    Decided to make a crazy banner for my side channel

    While "Pushing 40 Bit" is my main channel, I only upload edited videos there. For my long form gameplay I upload them to my personal account. It isn't the account I'm looking to grow, so I feel more open to experiment there with weird graphics, intros, etc. Check out my crazy banner :-D
  5. CynicPlacebo

    OBS + GTX 970... something perform better?

    I like OBS's feature set, and it performs better for me than did, but I find I have to lower the quality of games more than I'd like to not drop frames when capturing. Is there something that is maybe a little less feature rich but can capture 1080p gameplay + a 720p webcam without...
  6. CynicPlacebo

    Eye Catching Logo?

    While I haven't been on YouTube long, it was long enough for my kids to get excited and want to make their own YT channel. I am not a graphic designer, but I've been known to tinker in Photoshop. What do you think of this logo? What would make it better and more attention grabbing, without...
  7. CynicPlacebo

    Real Traction

    I'm new to YouTube, and know nothing about Marketing. My content is definitely in the gaming niche, and often tailors to the older retro gamer. When those people see my content, they tend to like it and hang around, whereas people outside that nice won't. So-- How do you target your niche to...
  8. CynicPlacebo

    Is Premiere Pro really worth it? Or is Elements enough?

    I've been using Premiere Elements to create my videos. It seems to have all the basics, but sizing of objects is clunky, and default preferences of text and the like is virtually non-existent. I know Premiere Pro has more features, but is it worth the on-going cost? Does the learning curve make...
  9. CynicPlacebo

    2,135 Games in my Backlog

    I'm CynicPlacebo, and I have a MASSIVE Backlog. I've always loved video games, but between family and working multiple jobs I let it fall by the wayside. Each Steam or GOG sale I'd pick up a few more games, telling myself, "Eventually I'll get to play that," but years went by and I still hadn't...