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    Twitch CLICK HERE TO WIN 1,000,000 .....

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    Best ways of promotion ?

    I'm here to pick your brains on what's the best and most effective ways to promote your channel that have worked for you? Me personally I have a twitter , facebook , and instagram. I also went to the extent of making business cards. And last but not least I use the forums. I currently returned...
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    a New Show to dare Do!!

    I gave you a follow I'll def be sure to check you out
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    Welcome bro I gave you a follow I'll be sure to check you out when I have the time Do you have a streaming schedule ?
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    New to Damnlag forums

    Welcome to damnlag I just gave you a sub keep the grind going
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    New To Damnlag and Introducing Myself!

    Welcome to damnlag bro I'll def check your channel out
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    New video up destiny nightfall fails lol check it out
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    Would you rather be a broke playboy or rich and lonely ?
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    Wassup guys i doing this right and followimg the premium rules correctly But below is my latest video called worst tips and tricks Its a parody of best tips ans tricks hope you enjoy .. Like||comment||sub
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    Premium Parody to best tips and tricks

    Wassup guys so my channel is based on comedy gaming and i kno we have all heard of "best tips and tricks" for what ever game well i have a series called worst tips and tricks check it out below
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    New here and wanted to stop in and say hello!

    Welcome yo damnlag youll def like it here the people are great , friendly, and supportive.. if you need any feed back on your channel dont be afraid to ask
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    Welcome to damnlatogreat channel beo
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    Advanced Supply Drop Openings! MP-40?

    Nice left a comment and like
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    Black Ops 3 Beta Opinion - Better late than never?

    Nice video man dropped a like a comment
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    OH! (Counter Strike Funny Moments and Fails)

    Great video man i left some feed back
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    Been here for over a year yet still new?

    Thanks man i reall appriciate it it helps alot
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    Been here for over a year yet still new?

    Oh yeah lol i believe im subbed to you lol
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    Been here for over a year yet still new?

    Lol why you say that?