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  1. Navinax

    Why I Play Warrior? Reasons I Chose and Still Play Warrior (GW2)

    In this episode of Guild Wars 2 I talk about my time with the class I chose when I started the game. The class is warrior and I've been playing it for more than 2 years now, so I've learned a lot throughout my time in Guild Wars 2. Here are the reasons I chose it in the beginning and why I still...
  2. Navinax

    Is Battlefield 1 Really Epic? My Thoughts on the Game

    In today's episode Navinax gives his opinion and thoughts on Battlefield 1. He absolutely loved the way it looked and to keep in mind that it is still in an early stage, so there will be a lot of improvements still!
  3. Navinax

    Silverwastes Any Good? Very Nice Way to Get Gold (GW2)

    Have you wondered is silverwastes good? Well here you get the answer! It is actually a very nice way to get gold or if you choose as well material, karma and magic find. Soon I will be doing an even better way to farm gold so stay tuned if you want to see how it happens!
  4. Navinax

    How to farm gold? Good Way to Get Big Amount of Gold (2016)

    Have you ever wondered how to farm gold? Well here you go: a good way to get big amount of gold! It is a really good way to farm not because of the amount you get but because of its simplicity. Very easy, chill farming method so just go and try it out!
  5. Navinax

    Why I Took a Break From Guild Wars 2

    If you have been wondering why I have not uploaded any Guild Wars 2 related content well this is why. In the episode I explain exactly what are the reasons for me taking a break from Guild Wars 2. But even tho I took a break, we are back and ready to work on some content to share it with you...
  6. Navinax

    GameChanger - World of Warcraft, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, BFvsGF

    A little back story to GameChanger and what it is. Basically it is a new series where Navinax will give his thoughts and opinions on trending topics and news. In this episode in particular we talk about what Blizzard did with World of Warcraft, how CoD Bundled two games and BFvGF taking a break...
  7. Navinax

    Landing & Building a Buggy - Unknown Planet Survival | Day 1

    If you were wondering why I sound different in this video it is because I tried to get in a role of a astronaut that has just landed on a unknown planet and is still mixed up with the fact he is going to be all alone for quite some time. In the first day he manages to build a buggy that he uses...
  8. Navinax

    Surviving the First Night - Creativerse Surviva

    Navinax tries out a new game, or might I say a Minecraft copy. In this episode he shows you how to survive the first night, or how not to survive it?
  9. Navinax

    Story Time - Perfect Crime

    Story Time is a new series that we have set up and try to make it as interesting as possible for you, the viewers, to enjoy a good 5 minute episodes. If you have topic ideas you could always leave them in the comment section below!
  10. Navinax

    How To Craft a Raft? Tips on How to do it Yourself

    Do you know how to craft a raft? Well if not in this episode you will see tips on how to do it yourself.
  11. Navinax

    Are Forums Useful? Good Method to Gain Views

    Are forums useful? In this episode you will find out if they are and are they a good method to gain views.
  12. Navinax

    Are There Any Good Ways to Farm Silver? Pros and Cons in Different Methods

    Are there any good ways to farm silver? These are my top 3 methods for farming silver, so far. In this episode Navinax explains the pros and cons in different methods.
  13. Navinax

    What do YouTubers Go Through? The Process of Creating a Video

    Have you ever wondered what do YouTubers go through and the process of creating a video? Well in today's episode Navinax explains how an average content creator does his work from the beginning until the end.
  14. Navinax

    How to Rank Higher in YouTube Search? Tips to Get More Views.

    Do you wonder how to rank higher in YouTube search? Well in this video Navinax explains how to get noticed and tips to get more views in order to grow faster.
  15. Navinax

    Should You Play This Game? Top 5 Reasons I Believe Black Desert is Bad

    Is Black Desert Online worth buying? Well in this episode I give my top 5 reasons I believe Black Desert Online is bad. These problems could be fixed with future updates so all we could do from this point is wait and see!
  16. Navinax

    How do Tags Work on YouTube? Tips on How to Tag Properly (BLack Ops 3 Gameplay)

    Have you ever wondered how do tags work on YouTube? Well its your lucky day because I explain how to tag properly and get higher search rank. I also wanted to hear what you thought of the video and audio quality, also the information provided with the video. Thank you in advance!
  17. Navinax

    Hello everybody!

    Hello, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Navinax, or actually my username is Navinax, and I do a lot of different kinds of videos but all come down to gaming. I have done many Youtube Tips episode and guides for different games. But I have as well branched out and created PC Builds...