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  1. Waistel

    Catgirls and Silly Voices [Nekopara Cat Paradise]

    Porcheg and Waistel explore the "cat paradise" of Nekopara.
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    24 WINTER LOOTBOX OPENING - Overwatch Winter Wonderland

  3. Waistel

    OVERWATCH Halloween Loot Box Opening!

    The new Halloween Terror content for Overwatch is fantastic, so I bought some loot boxes. Let's see how lucky I am!
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    Woman Shaves Head for Cancer. Any and All Donations Welcome!

    Hello, DamnLag! My sister is trying to raise money for the Children's Brain Tumour Foundation so she is asking people to sponsor her to shave her head. Once she reaches £500 she'll brave the clippers! Any money raised after that is just a bonus. If anybody fancies donating a few pennies to the...
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    Developer Interview for Orcs Must Die! Unchained

    Got a chance to speak with the Brand Manager for Orcs Must Die! Unchained at EGX Rezzed 2016. If you're interested in finding out about the game this is a good place to start!
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    EGX Rezzed Recap, Highlight & Discussion

    We went to EGX Rezzed and here are our thoughts on some of our favourite titles and moments from the convention!
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    I have a Muppet Mouth? (Stream highlights | Halo, Rust, GTA)

    Livestream highlights with friends! GTA 5, Rust and Halo online!
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    Channel Update!

    Channel update! I talk video production, new phone, new job, moving, and more!
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    16GB Royalty-free HQ Sound Effect Bundle from Sonniss (GDC2016)

    If you use SFX and you need some royalty free (professionally made high-quality) ones then this is the link for you, baby! All free, no royalties, all good. Hope you can make use of it.
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    Livestream highlights of GTA 5, Halo online, and Rust!
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    DREDD'S PARTNER | Dredd vs Death Gameplay Highlights

    Judge Dredd must escort his colleague "Judge Goodwin" to the H-Wagon, but Goodwin's an NPC, and NPCs are dumb.
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    EGX Rezzed 2016 (London Games Event)

    Hello DamnLag! Who's going to EGX Rezzed this year? I'll be there with my Looting Party crew. If anyone wants to meet up that would be awesome. We'll be there for all 3 days. If you see people hulking cameras around it's probably us! We'll be busy interviewing devs for our channel, but if...
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    Channel of the Month #19 (March 2016) - Voting/Entries

    Welcome to Channel of the Month! A friendly competition where we vote for the top channel of the month. Here is your chance to vote for your favourites and also enter for next month. IF THE NAME IS NOT IN THE LIST BELOW THEY ARE NOT ELIGIBLE IN THIS CoTM. READ THE LIST FIRST AND PICK 5 NAMES...
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    #THEBROSEPH15 | 15 Qs about me

    Finally got around to doing @Broseph_Plays video tag. #THEBROSEPH15
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    A funny moments montage of a disaster session of Rocket League.
  17. Waistel

    TOWERFALL ASCENSION local coop collab

    A collaboration with my buddy Porcheg. I visited him in Scotland so we played some local co-op games; this video is Towerfall Ascension! An insanely fun platform-shooter.
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    AWKWARD BLOOPERS | I am braindead.

    I collate a series of brain-fades and mental-hiccups. Watch me fail to function as a human bean.
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    Halo/GTA/Battlefront Stream Highlights

    Some livestream highlights! It's really dumb, but kind of funny!
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    BEST OF 2015

    Here's some clips from my channel over 2015!