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  1. jfnoxus

    Donkey Kong Country Part 9: Oil Drum of DOOOOOOOM!

    In this new donkey kong country video we face the dumb oily drum of DOOM. We also play another minecart level. Oh the joy! Missed the first episode? Click here to watch it from the start!: ● Facebook...
  2. jfnoxus

    Hit 1000 subs and 150k total views

    Ever since I started my channel my main goal was to reach 1k subs and finally I did it! Next milestone is 1234 subs :D To celebrate it I'm doing a Q&A video so feel free to ask me some questions either on this post, on the video or on twitter. #AskJF
  3. jfnoxus

    Gaming headset

    I'm looking for a gaming headset that I can use for xbox 360 and pc. I tried to do some research on my own as well but there are so many different kind of gaming headsets out there which makes the choice very difficult. What gaming headset do you think I should get? I'm looking for comfort...
  4. jfnoxus

    Face cam tips?

    I posted this in general cause I didn't feel like this fitted in the other sections so appologies if this is in the wrong section. So I decided I want to try out doing facecams in my videos. A few days ago someone asked why I didn't do them. I did think of using facecams before but didn't feel...
  5. jfnoxus


    Channel Name: jfnoxus Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 14 feb 2010 Partnered with Network?: Yes Amount of Videos on Channel: 275 Total Subscribers: 820 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 129.449 Channel Description: I like to play games while I commentate on...
  6. jfnoxus

    Goal: 1000 subs

    Ever since I started my youtube channel 5 years ago my goal was to get to 1000 subs. So 5 years later I'm at about 820 subs. I've been doing let's plays since 2013. Be sure to check out my channel trailer and help me reach my goal! I think it would be awesome if I could reach 1000 subs by...
  7. jfnoxus

    Fullscreen or TGN?

    I was thinking of joiing TGN as soon as creative nation releases me from the contract and I just got a message from someone saying that I can join fulscreen. I have no idea which one would be right to join. I don't mind the money much. I rather have a network that helps you get out there. TGN...
  8. jfnoxus

    What network to join?

    I'm leaving creative nation in october and I was thinking of joining TGN but I'm not sure if it's the right network to join. I'm looking for a network that will help me with growing my channel and branding but I heard TGN doesn't really do that. So what would be a good network for me to join then?
  9. jfnoxus

    750 subs giftcard giveaway

    I recently hit 750 subs and to celebrate it I'm doing a giveaway. You can win a 15 (dollar/euro/pound) giftcard for either xbox or playstation! :D Click this link to enter for my giveaway: Here's the announcement video:
  10. jfnoxus

    recording commentary with elgato

    So i got my elgato and made some test videos. Would it be a better idea to record my commentary with audacity or should I record the commentary with elgato as well? I tried to record the commentary with elgato but when I say something the game gets quiet and when I shut up it suddenly gets a lot...
  11. jfnoxus

    Game suggestions?

    Hey there, soon I'll be getting a capture card meaning I'll be able to LP some more modern games instead of only being able to play emulated games. What is a game you think I should definitely do an LP on when I get my capture card? I'm thinking of doing mini ninjas as it's a fun and not too...
  12. jfnoxus

    Thumbnail feedback

    So I've been making thumbnails for a little while and would like to have some feedback on them. Do they make you want to click on the video? Do they look nice? Thanks in advance :) This is what I made in the beginning: And this is what I make now
  13. jfnoxus

    jfnoxus- gaming and more!

    Channel Name: jfnoxus Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 14 feb 2010 Partnered with Network?: Yes Amount of Videos on Channel: 201 Total Subscribers: 712 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 105.618 Channel Description: I make let's play videos of retro games and soon...
  14. jfnoxus

    True or false?

    I was asked by a TGN scout to join the network a little while ago but some people said TGN has been trying to take over some channels, could that be true? They have a 2 year lock in contract so I'm not sure if I should partner with them.
  15. jfnoxus

    BO2 xbox 360

    Hey there, does anyone wanna play black ops 2 on xbox right now? I prefer to play hardcore domination or kill confirmed but I don't mind if you want to play another game mode as well. My gamertag is jfnoxus. Let me know :) - no mic atm though
  16. jfnoxus

    Hey there

    Hey there I'm Jaymee also known as jfnoxus. I make let's play videos of retro games and will be doing modern games as well once I get an elgato. I also play guitar and drums. Hope to learn a lot from you all. I've been on youtube since 2010 and have been into let's plays since early 2013. My...