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  1. Keyshack Plays

    Need help Using Twitter to promote my channel

    So I'm using Twitter to help draw traffic to my YouTube channel now I m wondering if you guys know if any good twitter accounts to follow that would retweet my video if I Tag them or anything that? I run a call of duty focused gaming Channel.
  2. Keyshack Plays

    Keyshack Plays New Gaming Channel

    Hey I'm new to YouTube I just started a gaming Channel right the focus is call if duty but looking to play some apex legends and hunt showdown and other shooters. I hope you enjoy and I welcome the feedback.
  3. Keyshack Plays

    Can't see my videos when I do a filtered search

    Hey guys idk if I'm doing something wrong but when I release a video I try to use some keywords to find it in the search I'll also filter the search by last hour and how long it is and I can't find it. How do I know that if someone searches a keyword they can find my video?
  4. Keyshack Plays

    Hey everyone (New y to Youtuber)

    Hey everyone at Damnlag my name is Keyshack I just recently got into starting a YouTube channel always wanted to and since we having nothing to do for the foreseeable future might as well get started now. My channel right now is focused on Call of Duty but looking to branch out to apex legends ...