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  1. JCtheProdigy

    theProdigy Plays: Resident Evil 2 (Part 1)

    If you're a fan of horror games, then you've got to love Resident Evil. I'm starting a Resident Evil Let's Play series tomorrow night at 8! If you're interested tune in to my channel, JCtheProdigy tomorrow night!
  2. JCtheProdigy


    What's good everybody, it's ya boy theProdigy, and I'm just curious to see who else is excited about the new Avengers game coming out next year? I know it's a long way away, but May will be here before you know it, and based off the gameplay and things I've been hearing, the game sounds like...
  3. JCtheProdigy

    Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Kill Confirmed Gameplay!! Hope you all enjoy!

    If you like Black Ops 4, this is the video for you! Let me know what you all think! Any feedback would be appreciated. Enjoy!
  4. JCtheProdigy

    Newest gamer on YouTube!

    What's good everybody! My name is JCtheProdigy, and I have a gaming channel on YouTube named after me. I play games on the PS4, and I play games of all genres (horror, sports, RPGs, etc). I love all types of games pretty much, I'm a gamer lol. I post videos every Tuesday and Friday, and I try to...
  5. JCtheProdigy


    What's good everyone! My name is JCtheProdigy, and I recently started a gaming channel on YouTube named JCtheProdigy. I'm new here, and I'm glad there's a place where I can talk to and share with other creators. I'm a PS4 gamer and I play games of all genres. Just wanted to introduce myself, and...