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  1. Citano

    Breath of Fire - #1: A Hero's Journey

    Welcome to my newest gaming series, Breath of Fire. A series of 5 games so far on SNES(1 and 2), GBA(re-release of first 2 games), PSX(3 and 4) and PS2(5). This is the GBA version of the first game, as it has much better battle graphics + faster movement. The other BF games will get LP's later...
  2. Citano

    Premium Let's Play Pokemon Gold // #28: Legend of the Phoenix

    The next side-quest on the agenda is to get ourselves the cover legendary Pokémon. That is Ho-oh for Pokémon Gold players and Lugia for Pokémon Silver players. Those of you with Pokémon Crystal should be busy with the dog trio before you can get these ones. We head into the Tin Tower and go...
  3. Citano


    I'm currently working on two Let's Play's: Pokémon Gold and Final Fantasy 1 Latest episode of my Pokémon Gold Let's Play: Latest episode of my Final Fantasy 1 Let's Play: These two are my 3rd and 4th Let's Plays series that I have done. The first two are completed Let's Plays of the...
  4. Citano

    Let's Play Pokemon Gold // #9: Whitney and the Plain Badge

    It's time to challenge the third of the Johto Pokémon Gyms. Now we will meet Whitney and her normal pokemon. Beat her to earn the Plain Badge, which will allow the use of Strength outside of battle! Beware of her Miltank. It's very tanky and has a dangerous move named Rollout. Try to get a...
  5. Citano

    Let's Play Seiken Densetsu 3 // #35-C: Final Battle against The Dark Prince - SEASON FINALE!

    The Dark Prince fled to the Mana Holyland to kill the Mana Goddess, whom stand in his way to obtain ultimate power. We hurry to there to confront him before it's too late. Then it's the final showdown of the Hawk and Lise storyline: The Final Battle against The Dark Prince, whom turns into the...
  6. Citano

    Let's Play Pokemon Blue // #24: Sabrina and the Marsh Badge

    Now that Team Rocket is gone, we can challenge the Saffron City Gym and it's leader, Sabrina. She is the master of psychic pokémon and while we have no way to deal super-effective damage to psychic pokemon, they are usually weak physically so going hard on physical moves will work great. Beat...
  7. Citano


    Title of Thread: Citano Channel Name: Citano Channel Link: Channel Start Date: September 24th 2007 Partnered with Network?: No Amount of Videos on Channel: 429 Total Subscribers: 40 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 64,264 Channel Description: Gaming geek ever...
  8. Citano

    Let's Play Pokemon Blue // #2: A bug-infested forest

    We can finally catch pokémon. We enter a forest, filled with creepy bugs.
  9. Citano

    Let's Play Seiken Densetsu 3 // #2: Duran Intro Story

    We go through the Intro Stories of all the 6 characters. First up is Duran, the fighter from Forcena.
  10. Citano

    Let's Play Seiken Densetsu 3 // #1: Introduction

    I make my debut as a "Let's Play'er" with this video right here! More to come soon, including tons of more games. This is just the beginning ;)
  11. Citano

    Paper Mario non-commentary playthrough. RPG with a special cliché!

    While the world waited for Super Mario RPG 2 to come one day, we instead got Paper Mario. The game ended up being a huge success and later created a sequel that many have close to their hearts in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Seeing as the game recently came as downloadable software on...
  12. Citano

    Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has passed away at age 55 I really don't know what to say. I know he had some health problems before, but I didn't think it could end up like this. Say what you want about Nintendo in general, but I always saw him as a very friendly person...
  13. Citano

    Twitch Golden Sun: The Lost Age live playthrough continues!

    Last time I finished the long and enduring Air's Rock dungeon. Now it's time to continue! Come watch at
  14. Citano

    Secret of Mana - Boss guide/walkthrough

    This was the first game I ever streamed or did a playthrough for. For some reason I wanted to do a boss guide, rather than a normal playthrough. Secret of Mana was the first RPG I ever played and I "blame" it for what made me become extremely interested in RPGs in general! You can find the...
  15. Citano

    Yo, This is Citano. I bring playthroughs, video game music and more!

    Hello Damnlag and YouTubers! I'm Citano, a Norwegian guy who has played video games actively ever since I learned how to walk as a little kid. I grew up with Nintendo consoles in my homes, so I'm a core Nintendo fan and will always be one. However I also have a soft spot for RPG's, especially...