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    What if STAR WARS would be a HORROR story? Can you imagine for example Friday the 13th without Jason but with Darth Sidious? Would you like to see movie like this?
  2. ProjectHydra

    Shaped by Yemen - my first 3D animation created in Autodesk Maya

    My first animation created in Autodesk Maya, I started working on it in March 2020. The animation is narrative, has over 4 minutes and is inspired by the hard living conditions in Yemen. I will highly appreciate any feedback!
  3. ProjectHydra

    The Secret of Azkaban - Minecraft Epic HARRY POTTER Animation

    Hello everyone! I would like to show you my newest animation The Secret of Azkaban. I hope you will enjoy it. Any positive or negative feedback is more than welcome!
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    Minecraft Animation (When the night comes)

    Cool! Mine Imator, right? I use that software too, really good for animating.
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    I need help for grow youtube channel

    mate the video link is broken :(
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    Star Wars animation: The Sith monster

    Here is a fan-made animation from the Star Wars universe... I would love to hear some feedback!
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    The BEST Trailer ever!

    Hi, Here is trailer for the last part of Alone in Afghanistan - War series. Full animation will be over 10 minutes long. I put a lot of time and energy into this series. Did you guys like it? Are you going to watch the full animation?
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    WW2 INTERACTIVE Animation

    Thank you! :) I am glad you liked it.
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    WW2 INTERACTIVE Animation

    THIS IS INTERACTIVE ANIMATION. Your choices will change the story. Choose carefully... Try to survive till the end! Choices are made via the youtube thumbnail system. Tell me some feedback please, positive or negative :) I hope you will enjoy it!
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    Thank you! :)
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    Escape - INTERACTIVE WW2 Animation - Trailer

    Hi, Here is trailer for my upcoming INTERACTIVE Animation. YOUR CHOICES will affect the story (Yeah, something like Life is Strange). You will decide via youtube thumbnails. Tell me if you like this idea!
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    Alone in Afghanistan - FIRST PERSON WAR ANIMATION

    Enjoy! Please, watch the first part before you will watch this one (link:
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    Hey Guys

    Thank you!
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    Hey guys, Do you play Minecraft? Do you like horrors, war animations and adventure? Yes, you do? Then check my channel please! (If you don't like Minecraft and hate animations, check it too :D) Yeah, we all know this feeling...
  15. ProjectHydra

    LONE SURVIVOR (Minecraft First Person WAR Animation)

    Hi, I hope you will enjoy this. Tell me your opinion! Subscribe to my youtube channel if you like this animation. I am currently working on the 2nd part!
  16. ProjectHydra

    Where are you from?

    Hi, I am from Czech Republic. It's so interesting to see so many ppl from different countries. It's also one of reasons why I joined this forum, I like getting to know people from other parts of the world.
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    How did you find out about Damnlag?

    google search :)
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    Hey Guys

    Hi, My name is ProjectHydra and I really like being youtuber. My favorite games are the one with twisted story and open world. But what I like more are movies, so I create narrative animations from the world of Minecraft. Right now I have a lot of Minecraft animations on my Youtube channel. If...
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    Hello all

    Hi, I know that feeling :D You just need to share your videos everywhere. Reddit, online forums, facebook, twitter... And also comment other youtube videos and be friendly :)
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    I want YOUR opinoin!

    I like it! The music is awesome. But first 34 seconds could be shorter, nothing happend there.