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  1. Slothy

    Daily Upload Thread for Friday, January 12th 2017

    New Video lol
  2. Slothy

    This the Funniest Moments of 2017

    What you guys think?
  3. Slothy

    Daily Upload Thread for Saturday, January 6th 2017

    This took a while to edit, show some support to the video!
  4. Slothy

    Whats up DamnLag!

    Ay my name is Slothy and I run a Channel called Drevage, We are a group channel that makes funny moments. Theres 4 of us that play Ps4 and record almost on the daily. We play games like Fortnite, WW2, Battlefield and other games and we love making Videos. The main 4 are Me, GrandtheftLazlow...
  5. Slothy

    New Gaming Channel

    Ay I wouldn't mind collaborating on Ps4, Add me: ItzzSlothy
  6. Slothy

    New Youtuber

    Make sure to stay on that grind!
  7. Slothy

    Glad to be here!

    Try to do something that you love or would love doing for videos so it doesn't feel like a hassle. Make sure your consistent because YT these days only promotes people that upload constantly.
  8. Slothy

    PS4 Looking for Ps4 YTbers

    Ay we are trying to Find some new people for our channel so if you meet these requirements reply back (note if you only have a few of the games listed, thats fine. Game:Fortnite, WW2, Battlefront 2 and maybe battlefield 4 Platform: Ps4 Number of People:2-4 people Timezone:Central America Age:16...