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  1. Chris Jaynik

    Grand Theft Auto V (Storymode)

    Once again a playthrough of GTA V Storymode. Can't get enough *ha!* And here you can have the entire Playlist! :) Have fun watching! :)
  2. Chris Jaynik

    Fallout: New Vegas (+all DLCs)

    Hello! I'm recently started to play one more time Fallout: New Vegas. Here's what's up for now. :) Or you can check the Playlist. :) Have fun and thanks for watching. :)
  3. Chris Jaynik

    Helloo :)

    Hello Fellas, My Name's Chris. I'm 25 Years old and from the wonderful Austria (Austria, not Australia, we don't have any Kangaroos here! :p ). I recently started a new YouTube Project, because I want to make some english content aside my german YouTube Channel aswell. When I'm not sitting...