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  1. risktwo

    Youtube is dying

    An automated system is marking videos as "Not suitable for all advertisers". This has already happened to big youtubers and it happened to me today. It seems like we need an alternative. I personally might give vidme a try, but it would be awesome if Twitch took over and started hosting gaming...
  2. risktwo

    Nice and simple

    I kept mine simple. I personally don't need anything too complicated :)
  3. risktwo

    BF1 Random & Funny Moments - Rick and Morty Edition

    Just started posting again. Hopefully you get a laugh out of this.
  4. risktwo

    Twitch The Last of Us stream

    I am live :)
  5. risktwo

    Advanced Warfare DNA Bomb

  6. risktwo

    Hi, I'm Risk_Two :)

    Hey, I'm new here. I'm not new to Youtube but I've been more active recently and I plan on continuing to upload more videos. I actually just started a new series called Game Night where I upload our funny moments. You can check out the videos on my channel. Any suggestions on how to improve my...