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  1. Kokoplays

    PC Let's Play Collab (Amount of your subs is not important)

    Game: Don't Starve Together, Terraria, other Steam survival games Platform: PC Number of People: 2-3 Timezone: Central EU Time Age: I'm 26, be 18+ please Mission: Daily let's play content, raw and unedited as it was meant to be. Subscribers: I'm at 750+ amount of your subs do not concern me...
  2. Kokoplays

    Don't Starve Together Colab

    Hey guys! I wanna do a Don't Starve Together LP colab. Best would be 3-4 people and we'd meet once a week to record some DST and shoot the shit. Already have the group foundations, but adding some more people would be lovely. Lemme know if you're interested, also I don't care how many...
  3. Kokoplays

    A Brief Zombie Story

    A Brief Zombie Story is a short story of a girl, confused with her current zombified state, longing to fulfill her aching need, but she know not what it is.
  4. Kokoplays

    Terraria 1.3 Let's Play Series

    Hey guys I just started a new let's play series on Terraria! Since it is a bit different game than what I normaly play on my channel I'd love some feedback on how did I actually do. Do I get your attention? Can you watch it for longer than a minute? Any and all feedback is welcome and greatly...
  5. Kokoplays

    60 Seconds! - A dark comedy atomic adventure of scavenge and survival!

    Welcome to Kokoplays 60 Seconds!, a dark comedy atomic survival and scavenge game! Will we save everyone from our family and survive the atomic bombardment? Will we survive the hilarious life in the dangerous fallout shelter? Will Ted get radiation sickness? Or maybe go crazy? Check out my...
  6. Kokoplays

    PC Anyone interested in Terraria MP colab?

    Game: Terraria Platform: PC Number of People: A couple Timezone: CET Age: I'm 25 Mission: I was playing a bit of new Terraria update lately and I'm pretty noob and don't know that much about it, but the game is really fun and I've seen some bigger YTubers run MP series which seemed even more...
  7. Kokoplays

    Kokoplays - new to the community

    Hello everybody! I'm Kokoplays, a 25 yo student of journalism from Slovenia. I enjoy gaming and gaming related stuff in my free time, which prompted me to create my own YT channel a few months ago. I upload daily let's play videos with english commentary, my most viewed games are RimWorld and...