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  1. risktwo

    Daily Upload Thread for Friday, August 25th 2017

    Call of Duty: World War II Beta Multiplayer Gameplay - War - Operation Breakout
  2. risktwo

    Youtube is dying

    An automated system is marking videos as "Not suitable for all advertisers". This has already happened to big youtubers and it happened to me today. It seems like we need an alternative. I personally might give vidme a try, but it would be awesome if Twitch took over and started hosting gaming...
  3. risktwo

    Back online!

    Back online!
  4. risktwo

    Have you seen my videos yet though/

    Have you seen my videos yet though/
  5. risktwo

    Nice and simple

    I kept mine simple. I personally don't need anything too complicated :)
  6. risktwo

    Best Editing Software for Gaming Videos!

    Premiere on PC/MAC or Final Cut Pro if you have a mac
  7. risktwo

    Best editing software on a mac?

    Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Sony Vegas. Choose one, watch tutorials, master it, you're all set. Good luck.
  8. risktwo

    Any tips on compressing videos ?

    Handbrake is free and it's for both mac/pc
  9. risktwo

    Does anyone use their cell phone's mic to do Voice-overs?

    Like I mentioned on another post... you can get a Sony ECMCS3 for about $16 on amazon, then get a cheap pop filter. You will get way better audio this way that just using your cell phone. Plus, it should hold you off until you can get a much better mic.
  10. risktwo

    Good Recording Softwares :)

    Yeah, what Kai said. You can always use an elgato to record a console or if you happen to have a pc and a laptop, you can game and one and the elgato to record on the other.
  11. risktwo

    What Mic Do You Use That Gives The Biggest Bang For Your Buck?

    Dude. If you want to save money get a Sony ECMCS3 and a pop filter. Just attach the mic behind the filter and you're golden.
  12. risktwo


    Premiere Pro all the way, but it might get some getting used to. I would recommend looking at tutorials.
  13. risktwo

    What do You Guys Use to Record Your Console Games

    You need an elgato capture card. They range from about 150-200 I think.
  14. risktwo

    I need to learn!! Give me your footage and I will edit it ;)

    Love the dedication to learn. You can always sign up to stock websites. Some let you download free samples with a watermark in the video, BUT you can at least use the videos for practice. Good luck :)
  15. risktwo

    How to get rid of echo in recordings?

    If you tried different mics then its probably the software? Have you tried a different program? I'm not familiar with audacity, but in final cut pro there are audio options to reduce background noises and other annoying sounds. It does a decent job.
  16. risktwo

    BF1 Random & Funny Moments - Rick and Morty Edition

    Just started posting again. Hopefully you get a laugh out of this.
  17. risktwo

    Hello everyone!!! i am a new youtube gamer

    Welcome :)
  18. risktwo

    Daily Upload Thread for Wednesday, August 16th 2017

    Good to be back. I hadn't uploaded in a while, but I think my video editing skills have improved. Let me know what you think :)