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  1. snappysounds

    finally 300 subs!

    3 months and finally 300 subscribers and starting to get more every single day! also 22k views so lets hope that i'll hit 100k one day!
  2. snappysounds

    200 subscribers, 15'000 views, a bit over than a month!

    Damn, already 200 subscribers, 15'000 views and it's just been a bit over than a month! And growing faster every day! Just gotta keep grinding, haha!
  3. snappysounds


    A mix that contains my favorite downtempo electronic rnb/soul songs. released today. i hope that y'all will enjoy it!
  4. snappysounds

    "17fthigh" to "snappysounds"

    Since my channel name was changed to "snappysounds" I would also like my nickname changed to that. Thanks!
  5. snappysounds

    3 weeks, 100 subs!

    oh god, this feels so good and it's growing even more quickly now!
  6. snappysounds

    70 subscribers, 4500 views.

    Damn, 2 weeks and 70 subscribers, 4500 views. Getting more subscribers every day, feels so damn good!
  7. snappysounds

    7 days, 35 subs, 2500 views!

    I'm so happy about this, keeps me going so much! Earning 5 subs every day and hundreds of views too! Motivates me so much!
  8. snappysounds

    20 subs, 1000 views!

    Damn, it's been just 6 days and I already got 20 subscribers and 1000 views! So happy about it!
  9. snappysounds

    "17fthigh" new YOUTUBE channel art.

    Hey! So, my channel is called "17fthigh - No Copyrights Music" and for now I created two banners like this. One is for twitter and the one where speakers are not on top of 7 is for youtube because otherwise they crop it off. Sketched them kinda quickly so maybe I'll be able to improve them...
  10. snappysounds

    17fthigh - No Copyrights Music

    Channel Name: 17fthigh - No Copyrights Music Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 15.09.2017 Amount of Videos on Channel: 21 Total Subscribers: 6 at the moment. Amount of Total Views on Channel: 247 views Channel Description...
  11. snappysounds

    Chris "17fthigh" says Hey!

    Hey! Since I joined this forum I thought that it just would be polite to introduce myself before I'm on my way to discover everything you're providing! So, if I'm going to introduce myself, I probably should say couple more things about myself than just one sentence. Known as 17fthigh. My...