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  1. Nemixx

    Feedback for a new network?

    As being a new network I'm always trying to get input and what we should have and do as we are now in the branding phase trying to make our network look professional (if you do gfx contact me) But what do you guys like to see in networks? Currently we offer 70/30 split 30 day unlink Instant...
  2. Nemixx

    Looking for directors for channel

    Nova is currently looking for active constant you tubers to post content on our channel any takers [emoji4] ?
  3. Nemixx

    Name change

    Current username:itznemix New username:Nemixx Reason: I wasn't paying attention when I signed up so my user because my tapatalk id
  4. Nemixx

    The Nova Network!

    Hi, Guys I'm Rob [emoji4] the CEO of TNN and I just thought I'd post about our newly found network under Acifin Nova is a network that strongly believes in the community because without them networks wouldn't exist so within due time we hope to establish gaming tournaments, and host a...
  5. Nemixx

    New to damnlag

    Aye everybody I'm Rob [emoji4], and I use to be a YouTube but I found a liking to the networks so I'm currently running a CA under Acifin called the The Nova Network. I'll be pleased to hear advice and tips and hopefully partner some people along the way. -Rob