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    ⚡ Shock Therapy ⚡ | Spooky's House of Jumpscares in VR Pain Challenge

    Whats worse, Jump scares or electric shocks? Today we find out!!
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    ⚡ Shock Therapy ⚡ | Grand Theft Auto 5 The Electric Race

    Grand Theft Auto 5 offers many great race options with its huge open world. But what would happen if you tried to race around the whole of San Andreas while you were being electrocuted??? Let's find out!
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    ⚡ Shock Therapy ⚡ | Overwatch Roadhog Hook Challenge

    With the change in Roadhog's hook we wanted to see if electricity would give us a better chance at nailing our didnt
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    Young Bones Complete: Sniper Elite 4

    Time to shoot some nazi's in the testicles!
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    ⚡ Shock Therapy ⚡ | Overwatch Soldier: 76 Pain Challenge

    Can electricy make us better at Overwatch??
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    Can electricity make VR more immersive? | The Lab VR Pain Challenge

    Archery in The Lab using the HTC Vive is hard enough as it is, but what happens when you have a friend shocking you to tense up your muscles?
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    ⚡ Shock Therapy ⚡| GTA V Frogger Challenge

    Can getting shocked help you cross the road??'s just makes it a lot worse...
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    Shock Therapy | Can electricity make us better at Gang Beasts??

    With the threat of being electrocuted looming over us, can we focus and survive wave after wave in Gang Beasts??
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    Introducing Shock Therapy

    We've been a little quiet on our channel recently and content hasn't been released as much as we would like But fear not, this isn't because were stopping its because we have been working hard on our brand new series SHOCK THERAPY! We've been teasing it on twitter for a little while but this...
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    Don't Blink | VR Horror games based on the concept of Weeping Angels

    As long as you don't turn your back you will be absolutely fine
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    [Guide] Gaining search traffic as a Small Channel.

    Porting a post I made on r/letsplay a while ago: What I'm going to do here is run through my own entire process when it comes to any kind of SEO to rank well as a smaller channel. This will be primarily for the kind of content we create on new games, so for those covering older stuff that's not...
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    Accounting VR | From the makers or The Stanley Parable and Rick and Morty

    This has to be one the funniest VR games out there, If you love Rick and Morty then this is the game for you
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    Alone VR | How to break your friends!!

    Alone is a Horror game that game out quite some time ago and now has recently released in Early Access as it's own Standalone VR title on the HTC Vive. Alone VR is the easily the creepiest and SCARIEST VR game that's out there right now and gives you the real feeling that you're Alone in a VR...
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    Pixel Warfare Pro - Another terrible Minecraft FPS

    Because steam really needed another one of these crappy games
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    Overwatch Mercy Tank Challenge!!

    Can Mercy be more than a healer, Can she become the ultimate Tank?
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    Emily Wants To Play in VR

    Because Emily Wants To Play wasn't scary we decided to strap a VR headset to Nick and kick him into Emilys house
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    The Narrator Is A Dick !!!

    The Narrator Is A Dick is a classic rage game. full of evil traps, unnecessary deaths and of course a Narrator who is a complete dick! Sit back and watch the Rage build
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    Trials of the Blood Dragon first look

    This has to be something that no one saw coming out of E3 this year. We take a quick look at the new Trials game and see what its all about
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    Young Bones Play Surgeon Simulator VR

    Surgeon Simulator VR Meet the Medic combines the fun of the original Surgeon Simulator with the fun of the HTC Vive. Surgeon Simulator VR is just as clumsy and silly as the original which means its a joy to play