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  1. BicPlaysClub

    Ahri The Most Charming Fox

    Back with another video! This time it's Ahri the nine tailed fox. Ton of fun to play and made more improvements on my edits, but still got ways to go. Please subscribe if you enjoyed and I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  2. BicPlaysClub

    BicPlaysClub [Gaming Channel]

    Channel name: BicPlaysClub Channel link: I play a few games consisting of League of Legends, Overwatch, PUBG and Hearthstone. Most of my videos are montages and highlight reels. Come check it out if it sounds like your type of thing...
  3. BicPlaysClub

    [LOL] Orianna Montage - Best Mage Assassin S9

    Hey guys! Released a new video and it's my first time playing around with some newer edits. It took me insanely long to put this together, but it was some fun going through the trial and errors. I hope you guys enjoy! Please subscribe if I made you feel some type of way :)
  4. BicPlaysClub

    What's Up Damn Lag!

    BicPlaysClub here. I've been playing video games since I learned how to read. Gaming has always been my favorite thing to do and one of the rare things I'm consistent with in life lol. I play all kinds of games ranging from League of Legends to Overwatch to PUBG. I've always been interested in...