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  1. Falcon

    CSGO TRYHARD - Comp Funny Moments & Gameplay - Part 1

    We get serious with this #CSGO #Tryhard Comp #funnymoments! Part 1 of a competitive gameplay series, believe it or not we actually are trying in this video... Playing catch with guns, a double kill, and just a dash of friendly fire! Like, comment, and share it around!
  2. Falcon

    Premium BUMP BUDDIES!!! - GTA 5 PC Online Gameplay - Part 24 - Gamersfire

    BUMP BUDDIES!!! - GTA 5 PC Online Gameplay - Part 24 - Gamersfire We take on car sumo in this GTA 5 gameplay! Which one of us has the skills to outwit, and out bump, the others?! WATCH TO FIND OUT!! - Like what you see? Subscribe, Like, or Comment! It will help us out...
  3. Falcon

    Premium WE CAN'T TAKE E3 SERIOUSLY! - Weekly Bug Report #15 - Gamersfire

    WE CAN'T TAKE E3 SERIOUSLY! - Weekly Bug Report #15 - Gamersfire Lots of new gaming news has come out of E3 but is it all just one big joke? - Like what you see? Subscribe, Like, or Comment! It will help us out tremendously! Want to chat with our gaming group? Come...
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    Premium (Failed) AWESOME RACING!! - GTA 5 PC Online Gameplay - Gamersfire

    (Failed) AWESOME RACING!! - GTA 5 PC Online Gameplay - Gamersfire We take on a competitive playlist in this GTA 5 gameplay that sees us racing against and shooting at each other! Usually with very poor results... - Like what you see? Subscribe, Like, or Comment! It...
  5. Falcon

    Premium Call of Duty Black Ops 3 First Impression Review - Gamersfire - We bring you our Call of Duty Black Ops 3 First Impression Review! Make sure you watch until the end! The latest Call of Duty game is here to soothe your itchy trigger fingers. Like what you see? Subscribe, Like, or Comment! It will...
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    Website | Community | YouTube Introduction Gamersfire is more than just a YouTube channel! Come check it out. Gamersfire is a community-oriented gaming channel, seeking to provide comedic gaming videos that feature our members. We aim to welcome all members of our community to be active...
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    Premium Top 10 First Person Shooting Games - Gamersfire

    Top 10 First Person Shooting Games - Gamersfire - We count down our Top 10 First Person Shooting Games. Come join the community and play some games with us at! ▶ Subscribe...
  8. Falcon

    Premium Brawlhalla Review First Impression - Gamersfire - Check out our first impression Brawlhalla Review and gameplay. A huge shout out to the developers for giving us and our community lots of beta keys to test and give out!
  9. Falcon

    Premium Viking Leonardo DiCaprio - Let's Play Brawlhalla Part 1 - Gamersfire

    We bring you some intense Brawlhalla gameplay! Blue Mammoth was nice enough to give us a bunch of Steam keys for the beta so we dove in and started beating the crap out of each other!
  10. Falcon

    Premium Top 10 Games To Play After You've Been Drinking - Gamersfire

    We list off our top 10 games to play after you've had a few drinks with your buddies! From difficult control schemes to just pure ridiculousness, we cover it all!
  11. Falcon

    1,000 Subscribers! 1,000 reasons to PARTY!

    OOOOOOOOOOOH Yes! Gamersfire has reached 1,000 subscribers on YouTube! @ed423 busts his ass all day and it's working out! Thanks to everyone here on DamnLag for liking, subscribing, and commenting. And huge shout out to @Gamersleight! Thanks a lot buddy! Channel URL...
  12. Falcon

    150,000 Views (and 900+ Subscribers)

    Gamersfire has just crossed 150,000 views (currently 151,112). And we have also just crossed 900 subscriptions on our road to 1,000. I'm planning a big cake when we finally get 1,000 subs! View counts are important though! Probably more important than subs in my opinion!
  13. Falcon

    Twitch vs. YouTube Gaming

    I'm not making this into a poll because YouTube Gaming hasn't been released yet! I just want to see what people's opinion are between the two. How do you think YouTube Gaming will do compared to Twitch?
  14. Falcon

    VideoWars on sidebar old?

    I noticed we are up to Video Wars 12, but the sidebar hasn't updated. I think we should feature the winners of the current Video Wars there and swap it out from time to time, because if you leave it as a playlist it will only show the first one on that playlist.
  15. Falcon

    Disable Watch Thread Reply

    Hello, When I reply to something it marks the thread as watched. Is there a way to disable this by default?
  16. Falcon

    Heroes of the Storm gaming

    Hey guys, We've been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm lately, so if anyone wants to join, we usually play a lot during the week after 8PM EST. We like playing on Mumble since we can coordinate in real time. So don't be afraid to join up here...
  17. Falcon

    First 2,000 view original sketch comedy!

    We just received our first 2,000 views (even 1,000) of a non let's play video! A comedy sketch! We're trying to get that video to 100 likes!
  18. Falcon

    Premium "Hit him in the butt!!" - Let's Play Wolfenstein The Old Blood - Part 1/2 - Gamersfire

    Eddie takes on the final chapter of Wolfenstein the old blood while Mags provides commentary! With facecam! ▶ Subscribe: Website | Community | YouTube Twitch - Steam -...
  19. Falcon

    Premium Gamersfire - Comedy Video for Gamers

    Website | Community | YouTube Channel Name: Gamersfire Channel Link: Channel Start Date: October 8th, 2015 Partnered with Network?: Collective Digital Studios Amount of Videos on Channel: 130+ and counting! Total Subscribers: 1,100+ and counting! Amount...
  20. Falcon

    "It's About..." - GTA V Car Commercial - Gamersfire

    We tackle ‪Matthew McConaughey‬'s ‪‎Lincoln‬ car commercials with our own idea in ‪GTA V‬ - "It's about..."