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  1. Last Pixel Standing

    Civilization 6 is here! And all roads do lead to Rome!

    I have just started on my first journey into the world of the latest Civilization game from the mind of Sid Meier and I am having a blast. Join me and watch as Rome rises yet again and build a civilization THAT WILL STAND THE TEST OF TIME!
  2. Last Pixel Standing

    Attack on Titan : Wings of Freedom!

    I just started my Attack on Titan let's play on the channel and it is a fun and fast paced game full of epic moments of aerial slicing and dicing. If you like anime or just like a good action oriented game with RPG elements come on over and see what the Scout Regiment has to offer!
  3. Last Pixel Standing

    Hoping for some Banner help

    So I am no good with making original graphic art and I been hoping to spice up my channel a little bit. I am asking anyone out there willing to check out my gaming channel and if you would be kind enough give me some feedback, ideas, or best yet help me with a banner I could be proud of.
  4. Last Pixel Standing

    Last Pixel Standing

    Channel Name: Last Pixel Standing Channel Link: Channel Start Date: Nov 2013 but didn't actually use it until March 2015, became serious about getting the channel noticed and uploading daily recently Partnered with Network?: No Amount of...
  5. Last Pixel Standing

    Let's Play of Reigns!

    Started playing Reigns on my channel and it is turning out to be a blast
  6. Last Pixel Standing

    Last Pixel Standing is back with Daily Uploads!

    I joined the site a bit ago but right now I am basically a new member. The channel went dormant for a year or more and I hadn't really given much thought to it, but I am back! I found a renewed urge to post videos and now I been churning out 2 daily videos a day and filling up my content...
  7. Last Pixel Standing

    Project Highrise ultimate office tower

    Project Highrise is the spiritual successor to Sim Tower which I absolutely loved as a kid so I made a series for it to let everyone get a good look. If you want to know how to get achievements in it I think you might be interested in this one as well.
  8. Last Pixel Standing

    Rimworld Permadeath Series

    I have an ongoing series for Rimworld where one mistake could mean the end of everything! So I would love to get you guys to watch and give me input on this wild ride.
  9. Last Pixel Standing

    Pillars of Eternity AND Mount and Blade Warband Gekokujo join my channel!

    I just uploaded the first videos of 2 new series to my channel that I think everyone will love. The new brilliant Fantasy RPG from Obsidian "Pillars of Eternity" and the Gekokujo mod for "Mount and Blade : Warband" come check them out!
  10. Last Pixel Standing

    Europa Universalis 4 multiplayer campaign beginning on Last Pixel Standing!

    I have introduced my second video series into my new channel at Last Pixel Standing Last Pixel Standing and ThePipton are gonna be playing a nice long campaign of good old EU4 with all expansions and I will be uploading it regularly...
  11. Last Pixel Standing

    Last Pixel Standing Youtube Channel!

    Hello Hello everyone, I have just breached the walls to enter into the Youtube gaming world! I have started my new channel "Last Pixel Standing" and uploaded my very first videos. Hopefully I can give everyone a bit of entertainment and make a mark of my own in the vast sea of gamers. I...