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  1. Meme

    Alien: Isolation highlights

    We played alien isolation. I'm pretty sure my buddy peed his pants.
  2. Meme

    [MGSV: GZ] My friend lets me play GZ for the first time (funny)

    I was so excited! Not that I wanted to show him that, though :P
  3. Meme

    AM I HACKING?? CS:GO [funny]

    STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING New vid, guys! It's pretty silly and short, so check it out please :D
  4. Meme

    Unturned: ZOMBIE DOGS?? [Funny]

    STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING We played a bit of Unturned the other day. The capture crapped out a bit, but we had fun :D
  5. Meme

    Batman Arkham City Review [Funny]

    STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING This is the most watched video on our channel, so I figured I'd post it here since someone might find it interesting. We ourselves have no idea why it got the fame it did. Maybe someone can shed some light on this? Either way, hope you enjoy it!
  6. Meme


    STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING This is our latest video, I hope you enjoy :D
  7. Meme

    Hello there!

    Hi everyone, new member here, been on youtube for nearly 4 years. I'm part of a gaming comedy channel called ToiletPaperThree with two of my friends. All of us are college freshmen (or rather, sophomores after the summer) and we just got back into the swing of things after a long break. The...