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  1. Vladdy

    Ready to collaborate. PS4 only

    Hey guys. So I’m willing to collaborate with everyone. Unfortunately I only have ps4 right now, so if anyone is down for that let me know and let’s make some magic
  2. Vladdy


    Hey guys! I’m not a pro player, but I know something If anyone is playing online on PS4 let me know, we can collab
  3. Vladdy

    Trying to survive in virtual virus outbreak in Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo

    Hey guys! Hope you are all staying healthy and safe! I just recently started my YouTube vid. And this is one of my first vids, you can check it out, and if you have any feedback about the the video or channel design, I’d be very happy to hear it
  4. Vladdy

    Russian invasion here

    Haha hello! Don’t let tittle to scare you I’m new here, so a little bit about myself. I’m enjoying to play video games, all kind of genres, watching movies, tv shows and anime sometimes. Looking forward to meet all kinds of creative and positive people here! Just recently created a YouTube...