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  1. swiftymcshifty

    I'm finally all moved in!

    yes it's true. After a grueling cross canada drive and a pit stop at fan expo, i've finally moved into my new place. So that means I'll be getting back into the swing of things with youtube and twitch. Here's a new video for y'all. Just a collection of some of my funnier clips i've taken while...
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    My return to the interwebs

  3. swiftymcshifty

    Hell of an Ending - DBD

  4. swiftymcshifty

    Some more Overwatch Competitive

  5. swiftymcshifty

    Overwatch SR Crunch Down

  6. swiftymcshifty

    PUBG Event Mode Highlights

  7. swiftymcshifty

    Getting a little salty in Siege

  8. swiftymcshifty

    I hate PUBG vehicles

  9. swiftymcshifty

    The luckiest throw ever - R6S

  10. swiftymcshifty

    Making an idiot of myself - R6S

  11. swiftymcshifty

    PUBG all I find are vests!

  12. swiftymcshifty

    Is this a win or a fail?

  13. swiftymcshifty

    Snake in the grass: PUBG stuff

  14. swiftymcshifty

    PC Just a chick looking for friends

    Game: PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch (xbox), 7 days to die, GMod Platform: PC and Xbox one Number of People: what does this even mean? Timezone: PST (GM-8) Age: 21 Mission: Looking for people to not only collab with but also just to game with in general Subscribers: sad little 7 Link to...