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  1. Meme

    Alien: Isolation highlights

    We played alien isolation. I'm pretty sure my buddy peed his pants.
  2. Meme

    [MGSV: GZ] My friend lets me play GZ for the first time (funny)

    I was so excited! Not that I wanted to show him that, though :P
  3. Meme

    Baroque Bros Youtube Banner

    Hahahah, yes, 80s stuff tends to do that sometimes! :D
  4. Meme

    Need a new banner, need someone good.

    PNGs dont work? That's weird o.O Nonetheless, good to know! I'm glad you figured it out :D
  5. Meme

    Need a new banner, need someone good.

    What the hell, it shouldn't be... I can't not worry about it, I promised you a banner! Here, this should work. I reduced the colour depth a bit. Shouldn't be noticeable, but it lowered the file size to 1.7 mb
  6. Meme

    Need a new banner, need someone good.

    Oh, crap, my bad, wrong format. Thanks for your patience! :D
  7. Meme

    My logo, own design

    I see what you mean. Sorry if I sounded bitchy before, just wanted to give my cents :D Edit: Oh, and I definitely think the current design works better then the heart one, yeah.
  8. Meme

    Logo Design Modification.

    Sure, the effect itself does look neat :D
  9. Meme

    New Channel!

    Welcome to damnlag! I hope you decide to stay with us. I myself have only been a member here for about a week, but I already love this place very much. :D Can't wait to see your channel develop and grow! OH, also, if you need any help with graphics stuff, like the channel design/avatar or...
  10. Meme

    Baroque Bros Youtube Banner

    If you wanna give it a more 80's feel, give it more wild colours. Crazy neon pinks, yellows, etc. Also, maybe give it a bit of an RGB split effect. If you don't know what I'm referring to, it's kinda like this:
  11. Meme

    Thumbnail Optimization Feedback

    Like the guys said, make the text more readable. The backgrounds are cool, but they could use being more minimal and more... 'readable' (for the lack of a better word) as well. While they are very charming as they are, you really want the user to immediately be able to recognize what's gonna be...
  12. Meme

    Logo Design Modification.

    The effect and the logo in this case don't mesh together too well in my opinion... you might wanna try with a less traditional, more 'computer-y' logo to make the effect not look too out of place. That said, I do like your logo and the way it fits in with your channel layout currently :)
  13. Meme

    My logo, own design

    Well, it's a good start, but you should probably work on making that L a bit more recognizable. I really couldn't tell it was an L until I read your post. But a solid concept nonetheless! :D
  14. Meme

    Need a new banner, need someone good.

    Okay, here it is. Sorry for the delay :oops: Need anything else changed?
  15. Meme

    AM I HACKING?? CS:GO [funny]

    STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING New vid, guys! It's pretty silly and short, so check it out please :D
  16. Meme

    Need a new banner, need someone good.

    Oh, sure, I'll do it ASAP. Problem is, there was a power outage here and my hard disk got fried and now I can't access the files. I promise to fix the doge as soon as I recover the files, and if I can't, I'll make you a new one from scratch c:
  17. Meme

    Unturned: ZOMBIE DOGS?? [Funny]

    STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING We played a bit of Unturned the other day. The capture crapped out a bit, but we had fun :D
  18. Meme

    Need a new banner, need someone good.

    Here, how's this? Need anything changed? Sorry if I was a bit liberal with your colour scheme :oops:
  19. Meme

    Hello there!

    Glad you liked it! :D