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  1. BVTNetwork

    Hiring designers

    Hello, we're looking for designers to work at the BVTNetwork. Recently, our current designer, is really busy with website development. We are looking for more staff members as our network is growing rapidly every day. If you are interested let us know. Requirements: - Must be over 16 or have...
  2. BVTNetwork

    Make your very own YouTube Network

    Hello, we have launched our new networkship program as of 1/9/16! What do you get as a subnetwork owner? - You get to make your own rules. We will never tell you how to run your network. - You get to set your own revenue share. You get to set your own revenue share for your partners and...
  3. BVTNetwork

    Now looking for Recruiters

    BVTNetwork is now hiring recruiters. Signup here: Watch the video here:
  4. BVTNetwork

    Join our YouTube network

    Hello. BVTNetwork would like to invite you to join our partner program. Here is a short list of what we offer: We offer a 85/15% revenue split We have a no lock-in contract We give you access to the advanced Creative Nation dashboard You will have access to 500k+ music tracks. You...
  5. BVTNetwork

    New Member

    Hello! I am new to damnlag. So some stuff about me: I love YouTube <3 I own a YouTube network (Which you can check out in the signature) I like food (It is amazing) I love my job. So yah that's me. Anyways cool forum :)