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  1. IR.Badger FPV

    Frosty Drone Flight

  2. IR.Badger FPV

    IR Badger FPV

    Title of Thread: Channel Name Channel Name: IR Badger Channel Link: Badger FPV Channel Start Date: aug 2016 Partnered with Network?: nope Amount of Videos on Channel: 3 Total Subscribers: 17 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 180 Channel Description: Something abit different on here, i use to...
  3. IR.Badger FPV


    Old name: Galactic Badger.... new name: IR.Badger FPV reason.... YOU CANT HANDLE THE REASON! nah its because im being different and now dont do gaming, i fly toys yo!
  4. IR.Badger FPV

    Prison Brawl, Sessions

  5. IR.Badger FPV

    MEME WAR!!!!

    title says it all: Rules: THERE ARE NO RULES THIS IS WAR!!!
  6. IR.Badger FPV

    Overwatch Roadhog.. Hogtage

  7. IR.Badger FPV

    i needs mah name changed!

    Current Name: Ste-Zus New Name: Galactic Badger Reasons.... WHY THE HELL NOT! oh and rebranding and shiz MUCH LOVE
  8. IR.Badger FPV


    So as some of you may have noticed, i have disappeared, some may know why but others not so much. its because i have started this new business and its taking up ALLLLLLLL of my time.. like seriously... not even joking. only just have enough time to crack one out here and there. i was aiming to...
  9. IR.Badger FPV

    Where has Ste been? Whats going on?

  10. IR.Badger FPV

    Emily Wants To Netflix and Chill

  11. IR.Badger FPV

    Why did i go dark?

  12. IR.Badger FPV

    Channel of the Month #18 (Feb 2016) - Voting/Entries

    IF THE NAME IS NOT IN THE LIST BELOW THEY ARE NOT ELIGIBLE IN THIS CoTM. READ THE LIST FIRST AND PICK 5 NAMES FROM THIS LIST ONLY. Submissions from last month are now closed, so it's time for the voting to begin! Vote for 5 channels that you think deserve to win this months CoTM. You MUST vote...
  13. IR.Badger FPV

    Iron Snout, Gameplay and Review

  14. IR.Badger FPV

    Happy Wheels, First try winning!