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  1. AveragePlaysHS

    What editing software do you guys use?

    I myself am using Filmora Wondershare and it's been really easy for me to edit my videos. What are you using for editing ?
  2. AveragePlaysHS

    70 subs would be awesome

    Hello guys! I am a starting youtuber and I have got 13 subs at the moment. I am excited and happy for each and every sub I've got , but I thought myself that I should set up a goal. So this is it! I thought to achieve this 70 subs goal maybe in a month , but to be honest it's not that important...
  3. AveragePlaysHS

    PC I have 13 subs and I'm looking for some colab :D

    Game: Hearthstone Platform: Youtube Number of People: 2 Timezone: GMT+2 (Denmark) Age: 22 Mission: Learning as many things as possible Subscribers:13 Link to Channel:
  4. AveragePlaysHS

    How to promote your youtube channel ?

    Hello guys, I am a starting youtuber , there is only 1 week since i've started doing this. I am learning on the go and I've noticed that one of my big issues is pormoting my channel. Someone told me about damnlag and I thought I should give it a try. I know that most of you would say that i...