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    RETURNING HOME & SAKAI CLAN ARMOUR - Ghost Of Tsushima Playthrough #4

    Jin returns home collect his father's armour and encounters Yuriko.
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    Ghost of Tsushima - First Look

    After days of editing issues and rendering nightmares, I was able to create this first look at Ghost of Tsushima.
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    Playing the 1997 Point-and-Click Blade Runner game

    Among the cyberpunk and synthwave music mixes I listen to on YouTube, I stumbled across one which had a curious visual - one of a pixelated Blade Runner world. I did some digging and came across a point and click Blade Runner game I previously didn't know existed and the rest is, or will be...
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    Playing Pokemon: Let's Go Pikahchu 20 years after Pokemon Blue

    Playing the newest re-creation of the classic Pokemon Blue (1998), reliving it via Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu (2019) for the Nintendo Switch and comparing the experiences between the 20 year difference.
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    New Channel Re-brand

    My channel has gone through a bit of a re-brand, but it is still game-related!
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    We just surpassed 5000 total video views on our channel!
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    200 Subscribers Goal

    We created this channel last year and aimed to have 1000 subscribers within the next 365 days. We were ambitious... we only got 100. But now our next goal is to get an additional 90 within another year to get us to 200 and a step closer to the eventual 1000.
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    4000 total video views!

    4005 to be exact!
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    Streets of Rage on Gamerama #5 | GENOCIDE

    Our heroes' journey takes them to genocide of an ancient forest tribe.
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    Surpassed 100 subscribers!

    We just passed 100 subscribers on our channel!
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    Streets of Rage on Gamerama #4 | WORK PLACE HAZARD

    Woke place hazards, harassing employees and misuse of company property.
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    2000 total views!

    We just hit 2000 total views! 2011 to be exact, which means it will soon be 2015, which could another milestone of its own!
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    1500+ total views!

    We have now passed 1500 total views on our channel! :cool: