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  1. 1Up Quinn

    Twitch Streaming World of Warcraft: BFA doing LFR, LFG & PVP

    Queing for LFR, LFG & PVP while questing/completing dalies, trying to get as much done in BFA before Shadowlands releases... Horde Demon Hunter.
  2. 1Up Quinn

    Twitch Streaming League of Legends - New Streamer.

    Trying to grow my channel, need viewers and followers come check it out. Streaming daily, World of Warcraft or League of Legends and occassionally Hearthstone.
  3. 1Up Quinn

    Twitch Trying to grow my channel follow me on Twitch

    Trying to grow my channel follow me on Twitch. Twitch Username: 1UpQuinn
  4. 1Up Quinn

    Trying to grow my channel follow me on YouTube

    Trying to grow my channel follow me on YouTube.
  5. 1Up Quinn

    World of Warcraft: Classic... PVP or Non-PVP

    Any one play World of Warcraft: Classic, do you prefer a PVP server or non-PVP server ?
  6. 1Up Quinn

    A Streaming Platform Question.

    What do people prefer to stream on... Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Mixer etc ? Asking peoples opinions.
  7. 1Up Quinn

    Advice on promoting youtube channel

    Any one have any advice on how to promote a youtube channel.
  8. 1Up Quinn

    Xbox One future releases 2019. Any recommendations

    Any up coming Xbox One games that you'd recommend, looking forward to Skull and Bones and Cyberpunk 2077 myself.
  9. 1Up Quinn

    Hello. New to the Damnlag!

    Hi, been gaming and uploading for 2 years, playing Overwatch, Hearthstone, Indie Games & Survival Horror on PC and Xbox One, looking forward to being here.