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    100 subs!

    We just hit 100 Subs! Thank you everyone who has subs and enjoyed our content :)
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    The Big Green Man | Zac Gameplay. Perfect KDA + Giveaway

    We are doing a Skin giveaway at 50 subs also :)
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    Mega Death Rocket...OF DOOM | Jinx Gameplay

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    Do The Banana Dance!

  5. phayilkid

    Phayil Gaming Trailer

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    Phayil Gaming

    Channel Name: Phayil Gaming Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 31st December 2017 Partnered with Network?: No Amount of Videos on Channel: 3 Total Subscribers: 9 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 59 Channel Description: We are a group of...
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    Ahri is OP - Electrocute is Broken

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    Twitch Road to 200 Followers!

    Help us get to 200 followers :) We have just 31 to go. Come along and have some fun
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    PC Gameshow Collab

    Game: N/A Platform: PC Number of People: 2-3 Timezone: GMT Age: 16+ Mission: Have a laugh Subscribers: 117 Link to Channel: We are looking for a couple of people to take part in a collab on our live stream. We are going to be doing a multiple choice style...
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    Twitch Giveaway at 10PM(GMT) - Follow now to be included
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    Twitch New sketch!! - #Giveaway at 50 followers
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    Twitch Giveaway at 50 followers. 8 More
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    Twitch Drawing Jinx - Come for chats, can we reach 50 followers?
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    Twitch Drawing Jinx - Come for chats
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    Twitch 26 Followers in 2 nights! Can we double it tonight?
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    Twitch Can we reach 10 followers? :)
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    Ashes2ashleighh - Twitch Creative

    Channel Name: Ashes2ashleighh Channel Link: Channel Description: All things artwork Channel Start Date: 05/12/2015 Partnered with Network?(If any): N/A Type of Content You Stream: Creative artwork Total Followers/Subs: 1 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 34...