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    PC ZeeKiwi Looking to Collab!!

    When u wanna colab
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    PC ZeeKiwi Looking to Collab!!

    11 Gaming Will and bandicam lumix camera video games wondershare filora etc
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    PC ZeeKiwi Looking to Collab!!

    Hey you got Overwatch or minecraft if you do tell me bye the way I am still I'm school but maybe on a weekend I could colab please respond p's how many sub you got
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    Anyone want to Capture their ps4 gameplay for free!

    Hi if you want to capture your ps4 gameplay for free here's how to do just that first go on the game you wanna record then double tap share button on your ps4 controller to start recording then press share once to end recording then go to ps4 home and select video gallery press on all select...
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    How to start streaming on YouTube

    Help I'm lost I do not know how to stream on YouTube I would like to start doing this in the future
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    HELP ME WITH MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS! (I need your help!)

    Hi I would reccommend reacting to rich kid snaps or Overwatch diy videos minecraft try not to laugh try not to cry etc hope I help you out please respond if I did
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    Editing and video app

    Hi if you are starting out on YouTube or need software I use bandicam bandicam is a 40$ screen recorder for editing I use filmora filmora is an very easy to use video editor very efficient 80$au 60$us this is worth the money that's why I recommend it
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    PC Looking for colabsv

    And And I am active
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    PC Looking for colabsv

    22subs and 765views
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    PC Looking for colabsv

    Hi I'm William / Gaming Will anyone wanna colab on minecraft or Overwatch please respond if interested and remember upload concistently bye bye