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    FIGHTER Z | A Dragonball FighterZ Song | By FataLBlade

    Take a second to listen to this and let me know what you guys think. Can't wait for this game to release. Who's your favorite character from the beta?
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    In this video, I show my failures as I trained extensively to become stronger. I then start to reach my full potential and start dominating opponents one by one.
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    REACTION | Watch Pups: The Rise To Watch Dogs | Episode 2 CyberDriver Watch Dogs 2 Parody

    My first reaction video. Please go take a look at ADJ's channel. It is well worth the time to check it out. ADJ's Channel:
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    GHETTO GEAR SOLID - Black Boss Chronicles PARODY Episode 8 - The Devil's House

    This is the next episode of my Black Boss series. Black Boss must venture into the dark depths of The Devil's House. He knows not what awaits him within those walls, but he will soon find out.
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    I must train and get my leg game stronger if I am to claim the title of being the strongest in the universe. Please like and comment if you want more!!
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    Welcome to the first installment of my new Xenoverse 2 walkthrough series. I have to say so far I'm liking this game more than I thought I would, and having a lot of fun with it. If you guys have any feedback or just wanna troll, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. How do you...
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    GHETTO GEAR SOLID - Black Boss Chronicles Episode 7 - Little Negroes

    At long last here's another great episode brought to you. I really hope you guys enjoy it and make sure to leave a like and share these episodes. It really helps to support and motivate me to continue doing these!! Thank you all!! -Featured this episode: Make sure to check em' out!!! Dux Ruy...
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    Furi Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 - FOR HONOR

    In this episode I battle a fierce warrior that is a master of the sword.....and paddle.
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    Sit Down With FataL

    This is just me talking to you guys giving you an update on my life and also for me to show you guys my flawless face. If you have any questions or just want to chat, just leave it in the comments or message me on any media.
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    Rainbow Six Siege Operator Videos PARODY

    I got Siege when it was $30 and started playing. I slowly realized the true nature of the operators. This is what the operators are really like. If you enjoy the video, please leave a like, comment, and if you're not subscribed, you're missing out!!
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    I Would Like A Name Change Please :)

    Current Username: x-FataL-x New Username: FataLBlade Reason: Did some channel rebranding and changed my name.
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    FataL's Battlefield 1 Trailer

    Felt like making my own Battlefield 1 trailer, as the hype for its release is real. Hope you guys enjoy!!! If you like the trailer and want to see more epic Battlefield content, check out my Battlefield playlist!
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    GHETTO GEAR SOLID - Black Boss Chronicles PARODY Episode 6 - Huey's Rescue

    Black Boss must infiltrate and rescue Huey, a backstabbing piece of crap that will get what he deserves. After much hard work and patience, I am finally able to bring you the next episode of this series. Hope you guys enjoy!! Please like and share and make sure to tell tour friends!! Featured...
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    Battlefield 1 Thoughts?

    I was just wanting to know all of your thoughts on Battlefield 1 based off of what we've seen so far. I personally feel that it won't be 110% as realistic as people may want it to be, but I feel it will be pretty close. I love the fact that they are going back in time and listening to the fans...
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    **READ** Artists, Modders, Designers, Voice Actors, WANTED

    We are looking for any modders that can mod MGSV on PC, or any artists that are willing to create a comic-like pictures. Our goal is to refinish the ending of MGSV, and we are in need of people to do the visuals for us. This is the chance to redeem MGSV, for all those that were let down by the...
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    GHETTO GEAR SOLID Black Boss Chronicles Outro

    This is a new outro I made for my Black Boss Chronicles voiceover parody series.
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    Black Boss Chronicles Mini Trailer

    This is a little trailer I put together to kind of show what to expect of the series. I'm not done with the series yet, but this is footage of everything that we have so far. If you want to see how it is, the first episode will be posted under this trailer. Enjoy.
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    BRO TO THE MUTHA FU*KING FORCE! I CAN'T FEEL MY FU*KING THROAT BUT WHO GIVES A MUTHAFU*CK!! I might make another part to this lol once my throat heals. If you haven't seen Black Boss Chronicles, please click the link below and WATCH THAT SH*T YEAAHHHH! Black Boss Chronicles:
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    BEAST | Battlefield Montage By FataL

    I made this montage specifically for a contest of the best montages. This is probably one of my best montages I've made thus far. Twitch: Instagram: Twitter: Feel free to donate to my PayPal...
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    BEAST | Battlefield Montage By FataL

    I made this montage specifically for a contest of the best montages. Wish me luck!! This is probably one of my best montages I've made thus far. BASH THAT LIKE BUTTON and share!!!