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  1. Magikman121

    Attacking With Friendship | Kirby Star Allies - Part 1

    Hopefully you enjoy the newest video.
  2. Magikman121

    Do my thumbnails stand out

    So I just put together a thumbnail for a video I was making and I don't know if it is too generic or not. This is also the first time I was actually trying to get a good thumbnail so it is not the best. I would like a little feedback on it.
  3. Magikman121

    Hello, I'm Magikman121

    Hello, my name is Magikman121 and I have played many types of games. I'm usually a person who just plays Nintendo games because that is just the games I prefer, but I do also like games like Destiny and Uncharted Games I usually play on weekly basis: Pokemon, Octopath Traveler, Stardew Valley...