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    Nice To meet You

    Hi guys My names is 123hazzaN and I am back on youtube after a small break, please come and check out my channel and let me know what you think!! Thanks
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    Xbox one collaboration

    Hi I have titanfall and would be intersted in this
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    Lets Play Minecraft Episode #1 Hey guys hope you enjoy this Let's play minecraft. If you do come along to my channel to see more :D Thanks Ps I fixed the audio for the next episode on my channel, i just wanted to give you the first part anyway so you wernt confused :D
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    I'll make you channel art/icons!

    Hi yeh I'd love a background it would be awesome. Please, i would really appreciate thta, thank you :)
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    Please give me some feedback??

    Hi guys please could you check out my channel and let me know what you think because i would love to improve my channel for you guys. Thanks in advance hazzan
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    Daily Upload for Sunday, October 20th, 2013

    http-~~-// Hope you guys enjoy this video, I hope you find it helpful!! PS sorry if i havent inserted this right im new to the forum ahha :) Also if you would like come check out my channel for more vidoes :)
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    Looking For People to do a DUAL-COM with me

    I'd be happy to do a dual comm with you :)
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    What do YOU think of my gaming channel?

    (If you do not use the following template in your post, your post will be removed without warning) *Note* Please No Videos, other than Channel Trailers. If your channel doesn't have a trailer, do not post a video. Copy the below information and post on the right side of the [/B] tags...
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    HEY GUYS I'M 123hazzaN

    Hi guys Im new on this forum and I have a youtube channel called 123hazzaN I would really appreciate it if you could check out my channel as im very new to youtube. Also, i would love to meet some new people on this so it would be awesome if i could meet some new people and maybe do some dual...