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  1. WAZY

    Back again (been a while)

    So I am back to this community and it has been a while since I was last here and as much as I would love to say that I will be back for good this time I am sure the same things will happen again and that I will leave within a month like always but this time I hope will be for longer :)
  2. WAZY

    Lets exchange comments DaRealWAZY

    I would like to exchange comments with people in the damnlag community How soon will I respond with my comment on your video?: within 24 hours usually less What kind of comment am I looking for on my video?: I am looking for comments maybe like contrstuctive feedback on how what is wrong with...
  3. WAZY

    Road to 1000 iRating Series (iRacing)

    Hello guys, Been a while since I recorded a video and posted about it here. Anyways my iRating (rating for iRacing) is under 1000 and well I am trying to get to that number as my goal in iRacing. Mind you that number is low as when you start iRacing you start with 1300 iRating. Race 1: I raced...
  4. WAZY

    Looking for GMod Players

    Hello guys I am currently looking for GMod players to play and have fun :) Just reply or msg with your steam id and I will add you and we will set up a time to play GMod :)
  5. WAZY

    WAZY's iRacing Videos

    Hey guys, This thread will have all my iRacing videos I make added to here Here is a nice quick video on how to drive through a wreck full throttle NASCAR @ daytona: Here is a interesting race to put it - B Fixed @ Daytona (Xfinity Cars): I will be adding a few more over the next couple...
  6. WAZY

    Petition to add Aurian MoonRose to be a bot

    Hello guys, We here at the damnlag community as I am now known as The Community in the damnag chat would like Aurian MoonRose to be a bot in the damnlag chat with the correct color text a bot has aswell as a bot icon. Please vote to have Aurian MoonRose to become a bot as The Community suggests
  7. WAZY


    channel Name:WAZY/DaRealWAZY (Because well usernames on social media are DaRealWAZY Channel name is WAZY and when I can get custom URL it would have to be DaRealWAZY as WAZY is taken Channel Link: Channel Start Date: Around 2014 but first...
  8. WAZY


    Looking for people who play iRacing actually would like to do a different style collab for some videos, just not sure anyone here would be playing iRacing
  9. WAZY

    Motorsport Manager - GT DLC Lets Play Series

    In This thread I will post my videos on Motorsport Manager GT DLC, I hope you enjoy it :) Episode 1 Episode 2
  10. WAZY

    Right Time For Monetization?

    When is the right time for monetization on your channel? Is it like some people say when you get 1000 subscribers or just start monetizing right from the get go? I personally am going to wait a little while before monetization but what do you guys suggest or do or did when you started out?
  11. WAZY

    YouTube EndScreen or Annotations?

    What do you guys use the EndScreen or Annotations? Because I actually like the endscreen feature and I use cards not sure exactly how it will work on my videos but I am trialing it out and just wanted to know what you guys do :)
  12. WAZY

    So how promote a game without a forum

    Hello guys, So I am playing Motorsport Manager which is available only on steam and the developers don't have forum but they use a steam forum which I don't think allows signatures (I could be wrong) i am adding the my YouTube videos to the game via steam but there is a issue in that I think...
  13. WAZY

    My Goal for March

    For the first time in since starting YouTube in 2013 I would like to upload a video every day and not stop, sure there maybe a few days where I will miss out due to being busy with work but out of the 31 days I would like to upload on atleast 25 of them. Between two games I play iRacing and...
  14. WAZY

    I am new here again

    So I have been here for a couple years and have been doing YouTube for a while over several different channels. I had at one stage on this account a fair amount of posts but lost them a while back and lost interest because I had to restart posting, but now I will start again and try to grow my...